Trade barriers a growing menace

2011-12-07 07:59:20

A third of nation's exporting firms suffered losses from protectionism.

China to support South-South Co-op

2011-12-07 06:54:00

China is playing its part in projects of the United Nations to improve global food security.

Trip to 'Mars' takes its toll

2011-12-07 07:17:35

After spending 520 days in a mock-up spacecraft, Chinese volunteer Wangyue returned to Beijing.

China to launch satellite for Turkmenistan

2011-12-06 22:31:27

China will launch a communications satellite for Turkmenistan with its Long March-3B carrier rocket in 2014, the Chinese launch contractor said on Tuesday.

China to issue first white paper on foreign trade

2011-12-06 20:20:54

China will issue a white paper on foreign trade Wednesday to introduce its efforts in promoting economic and trade cooperation with other countries over the past three decades.

US woman seeks her roots in Yunnan

2011-12-07 07:47:23

After six months of searching, a 21-year-old woman from the United States is now awaiting the results of DNA tests that could prove she has found her biological parents.

Smog has air purifiers flying off the shelves

2011-12-07 07:40:19

Concern that the thick smog lingering over North China may pose serious health threats has boosted sales of air cleaning products across the nation.

Top biz school to pick students independently

2011-12-07 07:27:26

China's top business school will start independent admission, with a focus on taking in more students from rural areas in its undergraduate program.

Govt help urged to ensure migrants' pay

2011-12-07 07:23:14

Grassroots authorities have been told to improve their handling of labor disputes to ensure the country's 240 million migrant workers are paid in time for the lunar new year.

Tougher year looms in 2012:experts

2011-12-06 07:52:35

A China Daily survey of economists indicates growth will slow down.

Flexibility at Durban gives hope

2011-12-06 06:58:19

China's openness toward a climate deal has given a boost to the ongoing climate change talks in Durban.

Exposure to smog is severe hazard

2011-12-06 06:46:08

Experts are worried that particulate matter in the air, which is in higher concentrations in N China since the weekend.