Piano student's death appeal rejected

2011-05-20 12:58:00

A local Chinese court on Friday rejected the appeal to the death sentence filed by Yao Jiaxin, a music student who stabbed a cafe waitress to death to cover up a hit-and-run.

Complain about crowds, costs, stress

2011-05-20 08:08:05

Despite the government's efforts to make Beijing more accommodating to residents, many still find it hard to live there

Internet regulation a sovereign issue: FM

2011-05-20 08:03:21

Eight New York residents filed a lawsuit, accusing China of Internet censorship.

Thirst for profits risks historic sites 

2011-05-20 07:55:26

The way China treats its cultural relics has come under fire in the wake of allegations that important historical sites have been misused.Elite members sought for luxury club

Arms sales to Taiwan hurt military ties

2011-05-20 07:36:12

The PLA lagged at least 20 years behind developed Western nations, said a top military officer.

One killed, 7 injured after building collapses

2011-05-20 07:18:28

A body was pulled out and seven others were injured after a five-storey building under construction collapsed Thursday in Central China's Hubei province, said rescuers.

Move to end forced demolitions

2011-05-20 06:55:26

Effective measures should be taken to stop any illegal forced demolition, as well as violence and coercion,said China's State Council.

China mulls more aid for Japan

2011-05-19 09:21:06

China is considering more aid for disaster-hit Japan, but needs to discuss this first with the Japanese side, a Foreign Ministry official said on Wednesday.

Charges for people who spread sex diseases

2011-05-19 07:43:25

People that intentionally spread an STD will face financial and even criminal penalties,according to a new law adeentment stated by the Health Ministry. 

Property prices rising in most cities

2011-05-19 07:18:09

Property prices in April rose year-on-year in 67 of 70 major cities surveyed.Smaller cities recorded higher increases than larger metropolitan areas.

Brakes slammed on high-speed rails

2011-05-19 07:06:18

The country's environment watchdog has ordered the operation of one high-speed railway to stop and halted construction on a second over violations of environmental laws.

Projects to ease impact of Three Gorges Dam

2011-05-19 07:01:58

China said on Wednesday that the Three Gorges Project had affected shipping, irrigation and water supply downstream on the Yangtze River.