For women who Dare to Bare

2011-06-05 08:04:48

In China, the traditional, conservative one-piece swimsuit is being abandoned in favor of the bikini, an essential for the summer beach as people now begin to understand the difference between lingerie and a bikini.

More adventurers hurt, push limits

2011-06-05 08:02:36

With an increasing number of people seeking thrills in the great outdoors, injuries and even deaths are climbing. Jiang Xueqing looks at how teams step up to help.

Foreign investment welcome, Xi tells business leaders

2011-06-05 07:55:31

Vice-President Xi Jinping said China welcomes foreign investment and offers "equal treatment" to domestic and overseas investors while continuing to expand domestic consumption.

Rain quenches thirst of areas hit by drought

2011-06-05 07:41:03

Rain in Central and South China is expected to drench drought-hit regions over the next three days, which could help to ease the dry spell, but experts warned of heavy rains and even floods.

More adventurers hurt, push limits

2011-06-05 07:38:22

With an increasing number of people seeking thrills in the great outdoors, injuries and deaths are climbing. The killer? Altitude sickness, avalanches, falls, getting lost, drowning and even traffic accidents.
Rescue teams grow to meet the demand

Drought relief in rural areas 'urgent task': Hu

2011-06-04 08:03:08

President Hu Jintao has urged local government officials to treat drought relief in rural areas as an "urgent task".

Challenges in environmental protection still serious

2011-06-04 07:53:56

China admitted that it is facing serious challenges in environmental protection, including pollution from toxic metals aggravating the public.

New digging begins at Qin burial pit

2011-06-04 07:46:30

China initiated the excavation work at the K9901 attendant burial pit, one of 180 funerary pits of the Qin Shihuang tomb.

China beefs up safety check on nuke plants

2011-06-03 13:52:09

The Chinese government is working on nuclear safety planning and conducting more regular safety inspections for nuclear facilities, a senior official said.

Life behind the Three Gorges Dam

2011-06-03 07:49:42

th limited access to arable land and transportation, opportunities are scarce in the shadow of the great project, Hu Yinan reports from Zigui in Hubei province.

Mother regrets killing of twin sons 

2011-06-03 07:30:54

Han Qunfeng, who killed her twin sons suffering from cerebral palsy, said she was filled with remorse, during a public hearing on Thursday.

Inflation may peak in June

2011-06-03 07:08:23

Inflation will probably peak at the end of this month and a hard landing for the economy will be avoided.