China probes dairy firm after baby dies

2012-01-12 22:17:26

Commerce authorities in East China are probing into a leading dairy company.

Wen looks at the big picture of Sino-US co-op

2012-01-12 07:04:36

China and the US should enhance economic cooperation rather than politicize economic issues.

FM warns on exploiting Tibet issues

2012-01-12 07:55:30

China said it opposed foreign countries using Tibet-related issues to interfere in its domestic affairs.

Public gets direct line to senior officials

2012-01-12 07:49:18

Deng Ningxi, the owner of a massage center in Meishan, Sichuan province, that employs blind people, mustered up his courage and called the cell phone of Zeng Lebin, chairman of Meishan's Disabled Persons' Federation

China keen to cooperate in Africa

2012-01-12 07:16:41

China is open to trilateral cooperation with the West and the international community in Africa.

Depositors nervous after fatal shooting

2012-01-12 08:07:36

The demand for police escorts to ensure safe cash withdrawals is on the rise following a deadly shooting and robbery in Nanjing last week.

Palace Museum chief named

2012-01-12 07:51:45

China appointed a replacement for the retiring head of the Palace Museum on Tuesday, which was hit by a series of scandals last year.

Oil leak risk rises along coast

2012-01-12 07:48:18

Maritime safety officials warn that China's coastline is increasingly at risk of oil spills and pollution from the booming offshore drilling and more frequent oil shipping.

Transport links attract Chinese talent

2012-01-12 07:17:52

For Xu Kun, a Chinese postgraduate student at the University of Seoul, the two-hour flight from Seoul to Beijing isn't the only advantage of commuting between the two countries.

Weibo gets the world talking

2012-01-12 07:06:30

Micro-blogging service attracts 450,000 users in the United States

China now largest market for Rolls-Royce

2012-01-10 22:15:55

China has overtaken the US for the first time to become Rolls-Royce’s largest market in 2011.

President Hu stresses efforts for peace

2012-01-10 07:20:07

President Hu urged all parties concerned to work for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.