China sends peacekeeping police for S Sudan

2011-11-12 15:42:26

China on Friday night saw off its first police squad for South Sudan who will take part in the United Nations peacekeeping missions in the African country, the Ministry of Public Security said in a statement Saturday.

China's boom a boon to US business

2011-11-12 07:47:16

China's booming consumption and investment demand in the coming five years will generate a huge market for US companies.

Sino-German ties boosted by exchange blitz

2011-11-12 08:41:27

Unlike his classmates, Zhou Yuequn, a 22-year-old student in his last year at the Shanghai University of Science and Technology, is not preoccupied with job hunting or exam preparations for post-graduate study. Instead, Zhou decided to participate an exchange program in Germany for six months.

Thousands say 'I do' as couples pounce on super lucky date

2011-11-12 08:29:59

Couples looking to take advantage of the "most auspicious day in a century" flocked to sign their marriage certificates on Friday.

Pandas coming soon to UK zoo

2011-11-12 08:28:26

A project named Panda Pals was launched on Thursday in the United Kingdom as two Chinese pandas will arrive at Edinburgh Zoo within the next few weeks.

Oil spill caused by illegal operation

2011-11-12 08:25:16

The Penglai 19-3 oil leak was caused by illegal operation, China's ocean watchdog said on Friday.

Forum reaches consensus on Tibet

2011-11-12 08:22:37

The Third Forum on the Development of Tibet concluded on Friday afternoon in the Greek capital.

Experts show faith in China's innovations

2011-11-12 07:58:24

When Rebecca Fannin talked three years ago about her book Silicon Dragon: How China Is Winning the Tech Race, she became the object of criticism from some in her audience.

Chinese tourists boost Hawaii

2011-11-12 07:55:08

While the US economy has been slow in recovering, the island state of Hawaii is improving its lot by attracting Chinese tourists.

Hu to focus on regional trade, growth

2011-11-11 10:29:39

Hu arrived in Hawaii as Asia Pacific leaders gathered for a regional summit.

China to monitor private lending

2011-11-11 06:17:01

The Chinese government is considering establishing a monitoring system for private lending activities after a severe debt crisis.

Telecom giants face monopoly investigation

2011-11-10 07:09:54

Two domestic telecom giants are being investigated over alleged monopolistic practices.