Chemical firm probed for contamination

2011-06-08 13:56:32

A chemical firm in East China's Zhejiang province is being investigated on suspicion of discharging waste polluting a local river and disrupted tap water supplies since Sunday.

Floods kill 24, force evacuation of 100,000

2011-06-08 13:37:00

Rain-triggered floods have killed 24 people in China over the past week, with three new deaths reported in East China's Jiangsu province.

Panic water buying in E China

2011-06-08 08:59:55

A water-buying panic triggered by a chemical spill into a river in East China's Zhejiang province continued Tuesday.

Floods kill 21 as emergency level raised

2011-06-08 07:20:49

Floods in Guizhou province has killed 21 people and left at least 31 others missing .

9 detained over wages dispute

2011-06-08 07:17:01

Nine people allegedly involved in a violent wage-related dispute have been detained, local police said on Tuesday.

'Political solution' needed for Libya

2011-06-08 07:02:00

China urged all parties in Libya to reach an immediate cease-fire and resolve the crisis through political means.

Floods leave 14 dead, 35 missing

2011-06-07 08:55:05

Continuous downpours have triggered severe floods in a county in southwest China's Guizhou province, leaving 14 dead and 35 missing by 8 am on Tuesday.

Debate: Hydropower

2011-06-07 08:00:52

Should China go ahead with its plan to develop the hydropower sector? It definitely should, says an expert, while a professor of ecology and microbiology disagrees.

'Hometowns' battle for their celebrities

2011-06-07 07:57:24

Claiming a star as one of their own can boost tourism revenue and give regions bragging rights.

Workers protest over wage dispute

2011-06-07 07:23:12

More than 200 migrant workers gathered Monday night at a government building in south China's Guangdong Province, protesting over a wage-related dispute that led to injury, authorities said.

Rain brings floods and drought relief

2011-06-07 07:12:11

Torrential rains brought some partial relief for more than 1 million people in central China and also triggered flooding in many townships in Hunan and Guizhou. Pollution leads to run on bottled water

9.33 m students sit national exam

2011-06-06 18:07:45

The number, while unimaginable for any European nation, represents the third straight year of fall.