Parents worried about porn content in sex education book

2011-08-19 19:53:00

The direct description of sexual intercourse in China's first sex education textbook for primary school students in Beijing has triggered a wave of parental concern.

China to build low-cost housing in Guinea

2011-08-19 19:21:02

Officials of the China Railway Company on Thursday met with Guinean President Alpha Conde to finalize a contract aimed at building 400 low-cost housing in the capital Conakry.

Children of migrant workers isolated in cities

2011-08-19 19:01:55

For the children of China's migrant workers, life can be lonely and difficult in the country's big cities.

China's humanitarian relief materials reach Libya

2011-08-19 18:39:24

The first batch of emergency humanitarian relief materials, sent by Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) to war-torn Libya, arrived in the Benghazi Airport on Friday. Similar materials will also reach Tripoli later.

All must help vagrant children

2011-08-19 08:00:48

Parents now may be deprived of their custody rights if they allow their children to beg or steal on the street.

Static property prices in top cities

2011-08-19 07:49:29

Property prices in first-tier cities were flat on a monthly basis in July, the first time this has happened in three years.

Visit seen as bringing benefits to city

2011-08-19 07:27:36

People from various quarters of the community said Vice-Premier Li Keqiang's visit reflects the great importance the central government attaches to Hong Kong.

China, US underline cooperation and trust

2011-08-18 21:25:23

The world's two largest economies delivered strong messages of cooperation during US Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Beijing.

CPC pledges closer exchanges with Western Europe

2011-08-18 21:09:44

A senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official met with representatives from communist parties of Western European countries on Thursday, pledging closer exchanges with the communist parties and other parties of those countries.

Largest Great Wall renovations launched

2011-08-18 20:28:24

Beijing began its largest renovation project on a section of the Great Wall to date in the city's northern Huairou district on Wednesday.

Package unveiled to boost Hong Kong economy

2011-08-18 08:03:15

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang unveiled a package of measures to invigorate Hong Kong's economy.

Keeping up pressure on 'hot money'

2011-08-18 08:02:20

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) pledged to keep up the pressure against "hot money".