Putting high-speed travel back on track

2011-12-13 07:59:49

Experts call for reforms as ministry looks to restore confidence in rail network.

Battle for hearts in 140 words...or less

2011-12-13 07:25:29

Micro blogs have brought new challenges for government as it responds to emergencies and fights to gain the upper hand in solving social problems.

Navy looks at offer from Seychelles

2011-12-13 06:53:13

The Chinese navy is now considering taking on supplies in the Seychelles

Key economic conference opens to draft 2012 plan

2011-12-12 13:17:50

High-ranking Chinese officials gathered on Monday for the annual Central Economic Work Conference, which will map out plans for economic development in 2012.

10 years in WTO,China's 'Opening-up to continue'

2011-12-12 07:21:55

President Hu Jintao said China will follow a more active opening-up strategy.
Reflecting on a decade of success Firms gain growth from entry Global business shares fruits

Reforms to target income tax system

2011-12-12 07:36:46

Fundamental reforms of China's personal income tax system are expected to be put into place in three years.

Chinese cargo ships back to Mekong River

2011-12-12 11:08:31

After more than two months of idleness, Mekong River in northern Thailand became alive again with the arrival of ten Chinese cargo ships.

Tighter regulations on TCM's safety

2011-12-12 07:42:00

China will strengthen the regulation of TCM to assist the country's plans to provide universal healthcare.

School bus safety rules set standards

2011-12-12 07:39:59

The State Council's Legislative Affairs Office opened a public comment period on Sunday on draft safety regulations for school buses.

80% of Chinese school kids lack sleep

2011-12-12 11:00:25

Nearly 80 percent of Chinese school students do not get enough sleep.

China's WTO entry benefits world economy

2011-12-11 10:44:02

China will implement a more proactive opening up strategy and open more areas to the world, said President Hu.

Making the Mekong safer for shipping

2011-12-11 08:04:28

The joint patrols on the Mekong involve four countries - China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.