Cold weather to continue in S China

2012-01-26 09:53:52

China's meteorological authority said that most parts of China will continue to be in the grip of cold with temperatures remaining low over the next few days.

Mining firm responsible for river contamination

2012-01-26 03:07:51

Authorities in Hechi city have verified the cadmium pollutants in Longjiang River were discharged by the Guangxi Jinhe Mining Co Ltd.

President Hu joins public to celebrate New Year

2012-01-22 16:58:34

Hu Jintao visited grassroots cadres and people in Beijing on the eve of the Spring Festival.

Ban sends New Year greeting

2012-01-22 13:47:26

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has delivered a message wishing Chinese Happy New Year.

Leaders extend festival greetings to nation

2012-01-21 16:18:30

Chinese leaders offered festive greetings to people across the nation as well as overseas Chinese around the world.

Regions exempt expressway tolls

2012-01-23 01:45:29

Authorities in eight provincial regions in China have decided to open up their tolled expressways for free to speed up traffic.

More trains to serve home-goers

2012-01-22 15:39:28

289 more trains were added to take passengers on Sunday to meet the needs of those returning home for the Spring Festival.

Gift coupon allows employees to be late

2012-01-21 07:34:00

The growing popularity of the coupon relieves the rushed life and poor traffic young urbanites have to endure, especially in big Chinese cities.

Foreign workers pour into China

2012-01-21 08:18:20

China is luring more foreign job seekers as its economy shines amid the global slowdown.

Temperature to drop during festival

2012-01-21 08:02:09

Temperatures in North, Central and East China during the Spring Festival holiday will fall to the lowest point seen this winter - as much as 3 C lower than in 2011.

Public should set off fewer fireworks

2012-01-21 07:51:42

Many NGOs are asking the public to refrain from shooting off fireworks during the coming festival.

US to streamline travel visas for Chinese

2012-01-21 07:30:55

US is expected to simplify and quicken the process of visa applications for Chinese travelers.