Race for new generation of supercomputer

2011-08-20 07:52:04

Chinese scientists are charting a new roadmap for the country's independent research into building the fastest supercomputer in 2020.

Toxic dumping incident probed

2011-08-20 07:52:04

China's top environmental agency has sent investigators to probe a chemical company's dumping of carcinogenic industrial chemicals.

China fight illegal rare earth mining

2011-08-19 21:31:56

Villagers complained that profiteering still prompts unlawful miners to take risks by playing "hide-and-seek" with local law enforcement.

3 detained over KFC outlet blast

2011-08-19 20:16:19

Three suspects have been detained in connection with an explosion at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in north China's Hebei province two weeks ago.

Former spokesman looks back on bumpy career

2011-08-20 07:52:04

BEIJING - Wang Xuming said he "felt like crying but didn't shed a tear" when he ceased being the spokesman for the Ministry of Education three years ago.

Tougher crackdown urged on selling of minors

2011-08-19 22:42:56

Chinese Vice-Premier Hui Liangyu Friday called for a tougher crackdown on the swindling and selling of minors and the manipulating of street kids to conduct crimes.

Beijing ensures migrant kids' education despite school shut

2011-08-19 21:33:56

Beijing is fulfilling its promise to ensure education for the children of migrant workers, despite the fact that 24 migrant schools in three of the city's districts have been closed, education authorities said Friday.

ConocoPhillips apologizes for oil spills amid criticism

2011-08-19 21:18:20

The China subsidiary of US-based ConocoPhillips on Friday extended an apology for conduct that led to two oil spills in north China's Bohai Bay.

Burglary suspect at large in SW China city

2011-08-19 20:54:47

A burglary in the city center of Chongqing Municipality Friday afternoon lead to the dispatching of anti-riot police and closing of several downtown roads.

Pipe burst cuts water supplies in NE China city

2011-08-19 20:18:03

A burst water pipe in Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province, has disrupted tap water supplies for at least 10,000 people Friday.

106 injured in train crash leave hospital

2011-08-19 20:17:37

A total of 106 passengers injured in last month's deadly train crash in East China's Zhejiang province have been discharged from hospital, health authorities said Friday.

China urges restraint in Israel-Palestine conflict

2011-08-19 20:15:31

China on Friday called on relevant parties to show restraint and avoid escalating the situation regarding a series of attacks in southern Israel and the retaliatory airstrike it launched