ID cards may carry fingerprint data

2011-10-25 07:50:16

Lawmakers reviewed a proposed amendment on Monday that would allow fingerprint data on resident identity cards.

China committed to Korean peace

2011-10-24 07:47:06

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang's visit to the DPRK was widely believed to be significant for regional peace and development.

China to freeze terrorists' assets

2011-10-24 13:36:11

China will upgrade its anti-terrorism efforts by creating a verified database of terrorist names and the ability to block their assets.

All stranded Chinese sailors return

2011-10-24 06:44:15

All the 164 Chinese sailors from 26 boats had returned home after being stranded in northern Thailand following a deadly cargo ship attack two weeks ago.

Cold snap brings new weather front

2011-10-24 07:45:32

A cold front gripped most parts of northern China, causing heavy fog and plunging temperatures, and is set to move south bringing showers in the coming week.

Wen stresses importance of people's livelihood

2011-10-22 22:35:04

Premier Wen Jiaobao said Saturday that ensuring and improving people's well-being must be put at a highly significant position.

China, Japan need global view: Wen

2011-10-23 07:49:32

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Saturday urged China and Japan to develop a "global vision" while shaping their bilateral ties.

China nuclear targets to be cut

2011-10-22 08:52:13

China's nuclear capacity targets for 2020 are likely to be scaled down following the Fukushima disaster.

Driving forces on the road

2011-10-23 08:36:26

Hai Liang cannot remember how many times he has made a stop at Hangzhou's majestic West Lake since he started driving a taxi here six years ago.

Authority probes alleged faulty rail bridges

2011-10-22 10:22:04

The Ministry of Railways said on Friday that it is investigating media claims that an unfinished railway bridge in Northeastern China had serious safety flaws because of illegal contracting.

Economic co-op takes lead in Sino-Russian ties

2011-10-22 09:23:29

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's recent visit to China will inject further momentum into the booming economic ties between the two nations, experts said.

Chinese vice-premier to visit DPRK, ROK

2011-10-22 09:06:56

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang's impending visit to the DPRK and ROK will strengthen bilateral ties and help the peninsula move closer to the resumption of the Six-Party Talks