A bitter harvest

2011-10-03 09:45:48

According to the anti-drought office in Guizhou province, 87 out of 88 regions have been affected by drought and 470 reservoirs have dried up. The flow in 349 rivers has been severely disrupted and more than 5.47 million people lack drinking water.

Nations are exploiting power of 'weiplomacy'

2011-10-03 09:03:11

The micro blog frenzy continues to expand, spreading to the Chinese and foreign embassies in China.
Micro blogs: The new grapevine

Free admission boosts popularity of museums

2011-10-03 07:51:07

About 30,000 people visited the National Museum of China on Sunday, a record high after it reopened in March with a free admission policy following renovations.

China to slash leprosy cases by half

2011-10-03 14:18:16

China plans to reduce the rate of leprosy cases by 50 percent over the next ten years in a bid to eradicate the infectious disease in the country.

Micro blogs: The new grapevine

2011-10-03 08:47:14

Micro blogs have also made some ordinary people famous, though not in the way they would like.

Property investors create new hot spots

2011-10-03 07:58:07

Figures show the trading volume of apartments in Beijing was down 50% last year

Govt steps up push for subsidized residences

2011-10-02 07:16:11

The State Council said its goal is for 20% of the urban population to be living in subsidized housing by 2020.

China confiscates 133m illegal invoices in first 8 months

2011-10-02 08:06:28

China confiscated 133 million fake and other illegal invoices during Jan-Aug, the State Administration of Taxation has said.

China reports highway passenger surge

2011-10-02 08:04:24

The number of highway passengers is expected to increase 10 percent from a year ago to 75.5 million on Saturday, China's National Day

Biggest day of their lives

2011-10-02 07:48:13

More and more couples are choosing exotic locations abroad for their wedding days, Guo Shuhan reports.

Painting to a colorful future

2011-10-02 07:40:46

Du Juan, a painting teacher at Wangji school in Dongxiang county, Gansu province, shows students how to draw a cartoon figure on Sept 20. She is the sole teacher at the school who has a degree in art.

'Plant, animal imports risky'

2011-10-02 07:34:00

Travelers, to prevent their trip and shopping plans from being affected, should learn about health regulations