20,000 college grads to volunteer in rural China

2012-04-13 19:40:47

About 20,000 college graduates will join the annual campaign to volunteer in rural China in the fields of education, farming, medicine and poverty reduction this year, according to official sources.

Migration challenges family planning

2012-04-13 22:44:06

Among the mothers in the migrant population, more than 60 percent have given birth to their children in places far away from where they hold their household registrations, Wang said.

China's smartphones risking patent disputes

2012-04-13 21:36:17

China's smartphone industry is at risk of becoming embroiled in intellectual property disputes since many important patents are held by international companies.

Two principals sacked in food poisoning

2012-04-13 20:55:31

Two school principals were dismissed from their posts after more than 300 students suffered from food poisoning in Dingla primary school, Southwest China's Yunnan province.

Cross-border yuan business gains momentum

2012-04-13 21:29:59

Financial institutions are promoting the use of the yuan in cross-border trade and investment settlements as more companies in China and around the world choose to pay and be paid in the currency.

China launches oil spill response vessels

2012-04-13 21:23:32

China has put the country's first oil spill response vessels into use, a move to strengthen emergency response capabilities in case of oil spill accidents.

China urges Philippines to be cooperative

2012-04-13 20:54:48

China urges the Philippines to work together with the Chinese side to appropriately address a confrontation off the coast of Huangyan Island, Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said Friday.

China issues emergency response to hailstorm

2012-04-13 17:15:03

The central government has initiated an emergency response plan on Friday to battle a severe hailstorm in Southwest China's Guizhou province.

Meeting puts three-way relationship in spotlight

2012-04-08 07:55:10

China, Japan and the Rok will tell the public how much their governments cherish cooperation.

China-ROK FTA makes a larger cake

2012-04-08 07:29:38

China and the ROK are preparing for formal negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement.

China concerns with Korea situation

2012-04-07 22:52:22

China is concerned and worried about the latest development on the Korean Peninsula.

3 skippers detained over yacht accident

2012-04-07 22:51:28

Three skippers were detained Friday after a yachting accident on Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province.