China air standards going national by 2016

2012-03-03 07:28:25

The revised air quality standard including an index of PM2.5 will be implemented throughout the country.

China opposes Japan's naming Diaoyu Islands

2012-03-03 05:55:42

China said on Saturday it firmly opposes Japan's naming of the Diaoyu Islands.

China's advisory body urged to help boost reform

2012-03-02 23:43:42

China's political advisory body needs to make due contributions to help boost reform and development this year, when the 18th national congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will be held, an editorial in the People's Daily says.

Wang Lijun under investigation

2012-03-02 16:00:04

Chongqing vice-mayor Wang Lijun is now under probe and progress has been made in his case.

Forced labor outlawed for people in detention

2012-03-02 07:59:03

A regulation outlawing forced labor and protecting the rights of the detained was published by the State Council on Thursday.

Medical care to improve through health cards

2012-03-02 07:26:11

The Ministry of Health issued the nation's first citizen health cards on Thursday to improve the efficiency of medical services.

AIDS fight set to get new boost

2012-03-02 07:12:29

Organizations involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS will get greater government support.

Reopened museum 'is a symbol of national pride'

2012-03-02 08:05:54

A ceremony marking the official reopening of the renovated and enlarged National Museum of China was held on Thursday after a year of trial operation.

Expats fuel demand for domestic helpers

2012-03-02 07:58:22

The demand for home services from expats in China is rising as an increasing number have come to work and live in the country, mainly in big cities.

Manufacturing continues to expand

2012-03-02 09:01:00

Manufacturing bounced back to a five-month peak in February, supported by stronger exports.

Newborns' haven sparks debate

2012-03-02 07:56:26

A child welfare institute in Hebei province has provided the mainland's first safe haven for abandoned newborns, an act that sparked heated debate.

A bit hard to ride for officials

2012-03-02 07:38:10

Government officials are trying to set a good example by returning to the kingdom of the bicycle.