Subway to cross under Yangtze

2012-02-26 22:24:57

Tunnel digging on the first subway to cross the Yangtze River finished on Sunday in the city of Wuhan.

New Beijing airport touted as world's busiest

2012-02-26 17:37:34

Beijing will begin construction this year of an airport that is likely to be the world's busiest.

National advisory body prepares for session

2012-02-26 22:30:25

The Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee approved a decision on Sunday to convene the Fifth Session of the 11th National Committee of the CPPCC.

Legislative sessions open to press

2012-02-26 20:30:07

The press center established for the sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) was launched on Sunday.

These last Chinese chefs

2012-02-26 07:52:30

Ten years ago, Dong Keping would have eaten a platter of braised and fried intestines without hesitation. The "nine-twist" pork chitterlings are a famous Shandong specialty that is deliciously rich, aromatic and crisp. But Dong, a Beijing gourmet and editor of a popular food program on radio, now thinks twice before ordering, his eye firmly on his medical reports. Many Chinese dishes that were once popular are declining or disappearing, as a rapidly evolving society changes its eating habits, in response to changing times.

Central bank may cut interest rate

2012-02-26 08:19:40

China's central bank may cut the interest rate in the second and third quarters this year.

China asks India to maintain border stability

2012-02-25 20:28:23

A Foreign Ministry spokesman on Saturday asked India to work with China to maintain peace and stability in border areas.

Pollution blamed for lead poisoning

2012-02-25 19:07:51

Three local companies have been held responsible for a lead poisoning incident involving 49 children in Shanghai.

6.0 magnitude quake jolts Taiwan

2012-02-26 11:57:16

A 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan's Pingtung at 10:34 Beijing Time (02:34 GMT) on Sunday, said the China earthquake network center (CENC).

Japan survey vessels expelled

2012-02-25 09:30:46

Two Chinese surveillance ships expelled a pair of Japanese Coast Guard survey vessels and planes.

China pushes to end violence in Syria

2012-02-25 08:21:55

China supports all efforts that are conducive to peacefully resolving the Syrian issue.

10 killed in north China bus plunge

2012-02-25 14:28:17

At least 10 people were killed after a tourist bus plunged into a ravine Saturday morning in north China's Shanxi province, said local authorities.