Building industry hammers corrupt officials  

2011-05-18 08:04:48

A total of 1,924 wrongdoers have been punished in a national crackdown on misconduct in the construction industry.

'Family planning still needed'

2011-05-18 07:58:54

An expert in Shanghai said her research reveals that it is still too early to encourage people to have more than one child in China.

Investment from US declines 28%

2011-05-18 07:43:58

US investment in China dropped sharply by 28 percent, while FDI maintained double-digit growth from January to April.

Hospitals reject HIV/AIDS sufferers

2011-05-18 07:22:16

People living with HIV and AIDS in China are routinely denied treatment in mainstream hospitals due to fear and ignorance about the disease.

Drunk driving incidents drop sharply

2011-05-18 06:29:17

Drunk driving incidents in China have fallen sharply over the past two weeks.
 Top court urges leniency

Five-year ban for additive abuse

2011-05-17 08:03:08

The capital's health authority is set to launch a crackdown against the illegal use of additives in a bid to further protect food safety.

Cultural relics discovered under sea

2011-05-17 07:44:59

China's richest cultural heritage may lie in the deep, like exhibits in a giant underwater museum.

Worst energy crunch in years looming

2011-05-17 07:17:18

Power shortages that gripped many parts of China could herald the worst energy crunch in years.

Hu: China to facilitate EU investment

2011-05-17 07:01:50

Chinese President Hu Jintao said Monday that China will continue to provide convenience of investment for European Union (EU) firms. EU thanks China for support of ailing euro zone

Ministry urges regulating land expropriation

2011-05-16 08:29:50

The Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) has issued a notice asking local departments to monitor forced demolitions and evictions in a bid to protect the people's interests.

Critics decry Forbidden City's club

2011-05-16 08:08:06

The Forbidden City in Beijing is accused of turning several buildings and a garden into a private club.

Most billionaires are self-made

2011-05-16 07:47:30

Nearly 80 percent of the young and wealthy in China built up their careers from nearly nothing.