China embraces first tropical storm this year

2011-06-11 11:09:44

Sarika, the year's third tropical storm, landed south China' Guangdong Province early Saturday, becoming the first to land in China this year.

China eyes energy cooperation with Russia

2011-06-11 11:03:29

China is willing to strengthen cooperation with Russia and other energy-producing and energy-consuming countries to jointly safeguard the stability of world energy market and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results, President Hu Jintao said Friday.

China key partner for Chile: Chilean minister

2011-06-11 10:42:22

China is a fundamental partner for Chile in its effort to become the first developed country in Latin America, Chile's Minister Secretary-General of the Presidency Cristian Larroulet said Friday.

Piracy victims safe and sound

2011-06-11 08:53:41

Two crew members, who were rescued by the NATO naval force in early May from a fishing ship hijacked by Somali pirates on April 1, are escorted by border defense officers in Huangdao Port in Shandong province, on Friday.

China, ROK sign pact to protect online copyright

2011-06-11 07:54:15

China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) agreed Friday to let the Copyright Protection Center of China (CPCC) help protect the copyrights of Korean writers regarding infringements via the Internet.

Concern over hazards near new railway

2011-06-11 07:48:32

Although due to start commercial operations in late June, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway still has some safety problems, senior railway officials said on Thursday.

'Happy chat rooms' offer assistance

2011-06-11 07:48:32

The city of Guangzhou, in Guangdong province, opened two "Happy Chat Rooms" on Friday to provide free psychological consultations for residents feeling the pressure of a quickly changing society.

Worker's saga forces change to the law

2011-06-11 07:48:32

A man who caused a nationwide sensation when he fled from a mental hospital has finally been released from the hospital and has returned home.

Safety worries stall selling of human breast milk

2011-06-11 07:48:32

SHANGHAI - Amid growing concern about food safety problems across the country, customers are most concerned about dairy products, leading to a "black market" in human breast milk.

Shanghai raises the alarm over fire hazards

2011-06-11 07:48:32

A senior work-safety administrator has warned of potential fire hazards in the city because its firefighting facilities are inadequate for a metropolis with an increasing number of high-rises.

Dozens killed in deadly floods

2011-06-11 07:47:56

A new round of lethal floods and landslides have left at least 50 dead and 40 others missing in some of the major agricultural provinces in southern China.

. . . and they're off - almost

2011-06-11 07:47:56

Beijing / Hong Kong - For those of you who like to play the ponies, you can smile today as thoroughbred racing is coming soon to the Chinese mainland.