Beijing to develop 42 new suburban towns

2011-06-29 08:19:03

The capital is to raise 10 billion yuan ($1.55 billion) during the next decade to tap the diverse potential of 42 underdeveloped suburban towns.

Don't blacklist journalists: media watchdog

2011-06-29 08:09:08

China's top press watchdog has reiterated that no organization or individual has the right to bar journalists from reporting on them.

Grassroots candidate tops the poll

2011-06-29 08:04:47

When he started to feed milk cows in his courtyard eight years ago, Zeng Haisheng never expected to become a lawmaker at the local people's congress.

Young members join CPC to realize values

2011-06-29 07:57:17

Young Chinese join the Communist Party of China (CPC) not for a quick path to wealth or power, but to realize the value of life, grassroots Party workers and members said.

Overseas training helps CPC officials

2011-06-29 07:56:23

An increasing number of party officials are attending overseas training programs to learn governance skills amid the Party's intensified efforts to rule a country in transition.

Social security to cover foreigners

2011-06-29 07:55:27

Foreign workers in China will soon be covered by the country's social security program, according to the Social Insurance Law, which will take effect on Friday.

China, Germany good for each other in tough times

2011-06-29 07:52:57

Bilateral trade and investment involving China and Germany will continue to rise as both governments strengthen their efforts to build better economic ties, said Sun Yongfu, director of the department of European affairs at the Ministry of Commerce.

Beijing and Berlin are 'closer than ever'

2011-06-29 07:42:26

China-Germany inter-government consultations injected energy into the further development of bilateral ties,said premier Wen.

Mother gets 'lenient' sentence for killing sons

2011-06-29 07:38:21

A mother who gave her ill twin sons water laced with sleeping pills before drowning them in the bathtub last November was sentenced to five years in prison by a local court on Tuesday.

Hoofing it after horses

2011-06-29 07:35:58

Wang Zhenshan looks like a statue set between the clear sky and the Gobi Desert in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

PLA develops online game for training

2011-06-29 07:32:03

The combat situations in the game will help improve servicemen's tactical awareness, experts say.

China, Germany sign $15 billion deals

2011-06-29 07:24:56

The leaders of the world's top two exporters aim to double their annual trade by 2015.