Myanmar president values ties with China

2011-05-28 09:04:24

President Hu Jintao and visiting Myanmar President Thein Sein on Friday oversaw the signings of a raft of financial pacts.

Offshore search-and-rescue exercise in S China

2011-05-28 08:41:01

China finished a two-day exercise in searching for and rescuing victims of disasters at sea on Friday, according to China News Agency.

Taoist Wudang Mountains lure foreigners

2011-05-28 08:30:30

Central China's Wudang Mountains attract tens of thousands of foreign kungfu fans every year, not only for its deep Taoism culture but also for its legendary Wudang tai chi martial arts.

Info database to assist Tibet in disaster relief

2011-05-28 08:16:04

A newly-launched geographical information database will better assist rescue work in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region in the wake of natural disasters, the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (SBSM) announced on Friday.

35 million people affected by drought

2011-05-28 08:03:06

A severe drought from April has affected some 34.83 million people in five provinces along the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and 4.23 million of them are experiencing difficulty with drinking water.

Restaurants adding inedible ingredients to be punished

2011-05-28 07:38:39

Restaurants that deliberately add inedible ingredients into their food and drinks will face severe punishments, including prosecution, China's food watchdog said Friday.

China not manipulating currency: US Treasury

2011-05-28 07:26:51

The US Treasury Department said in a report released on Friday that China was not manipulating its currency. The renminbi appreciated by 5.1 percent against the dollar in nominal terms from June 2010 to April 2011.

People's Daily: Microblogs need law, morality

2011-05-27 14:15:37

Microblogs, known as "weibo" in Chinese, can be beneficial and a platform to express public opinion if legal and moral restraint is applied, said an expert in Friday's People's Daily newspaper.

Three Gorges Dam: no more water to give

2011-05-27 11:08:06

Three Gorges Dam may not be able to quench the thirst of drought-hit areas in Central China after June 10 as the dam's water level has dropped two meters from 154 meters since it began releasing water.

Critics query academcian candidates

2011-05-27 07:52:29

The identities of some candidates among 485 academician vacancies at the at the Chinese Academy of Engineering have triggered fierce Internet debate.

Special team to battle food crime

2011-05-27 07:33:51

Police in the capital are likely to set up a special team to crack down on food safety crimes amid growing public anger at the rising number of scandals involving tainted food.

Unilever's price rise 'a corporate decision'

2011-05-27 07:23:22

Unilever's decision to raise the price of some of its products is a "corporate decision", and the government will not punish the company or "interfere" with its business, a senior official said.