Govt gets tough on food safety

2012-02-10 07:33:24

Chinese authorities punished a total of nearly 290 people in more than 5,200 food safety cases in 2011.

China talks with Syria opposition

2012-02-10 09:37:18

A Syrian opposition delegation visited China this week and met a deputy foreign minister.

VP Xi's trip to address 'trust deficit' with US

2012-02-10 09:34:55

Vice-President Xi Jinping's upcoming visit to the United States will provide a very important opportunity to enhance bilateral mutual trust.

Surveys reveal positive attitudes

2012-02-10 08:10:03

Respondents in both China and US believe relationship is crucial, want ties to be closer.

Chinese VP's US visit to build partnership

2012-02-10 07:20:40

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping's upcoming trip to the United States is aimed at building a cooperative partnership between the two nations.

Hainan vows to stop price gouging

2012-02-10 08:15:41

Officials from South China's Hainan province on Thursday reiterated the island's "zero tolerance policy" toward price gouging at tourist attractions.

Govt aims to close income gap with wage hike

2012-02-09 07:52:37

The government aims to raise its minimum wage at least 13 percent each year from 2011 to 2015.

Weibo policy unclear for foreigners

2012-02-09 07:10:52

The upcoming regulation requiring micro blog users to register with their real identities has yet to set procedures for overseas users.

Canada trade links tightened

2012-02-09 07:09:23

China and Canada signed a series of agreements Wednesday covering energy and investments.

BJ vows to slash PM2.5 pollution

2012-02-09 07:01:39

Beijing will roll out multiple measures to lower the city's readings of PM2.5, which stands for fine particulate matter in the air, by nearly 30% by 2020.

Wen urges stable energy partnership with Canada

2012-02-08 22:31:13

Premier Wen Jiabao on Wednesday urged the forging of a long-term, stable and diversified partnership with Canada in the energy and resource sector.

Gasoline and diesel prices raised

2012-02-08 07:57:57

BEIJING - China raised the ceiling for retail gasoline and diesel prices for the first time this year on Wednesday in tandem with international crude oil hikes.