Credit files mulled for food firms

2011-07-24 11:43:47

China will strive to build credit files for all the food companies and food-additive producers before the end of the year.

At least 35 dead in E China train crash

2011-07-24 08:04:19

At least 35 people were killed and 192 others injured in a train crash and derailing accident.
Toddler rescued 21 hours after crash
58 trains suspended after train crash
More efforts urged to prevent accidents

China's textile sector rises 30% in H1

2011-07-23 14:28:18

China's textile industry posted a 30-percent growth year-on-year in output in the first half of this year in spite of a raft of challenges, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said.

Deadly attacks in Norway condemned

2011-07-23 13:04:55

China condemned the violent attacks in Norway that have claimed at least 87 lives so far, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said Saturday.

When a simple 'Will you marry me?' isn't enough

2011-07-23 08:36:57

How to pop the question, that's the real question. The solution? Hire a professional to create your special marriage proposal.

Fugitive Lai repatriated from Canada

2011-07-23 08:29:55

Lai Changxing, a Chinese fugitive who has been in Canada for 12 years, left Vancouver on Friday for China under police escort.Lai may be jailed for life

Two bullet trains cut from schedule

2011-07-23 08:04:22

Railway authority is about to suspend two pairs of bullet trains on part of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway because of their low occupancy rate.

Turning point imminent for price rises

2011-07-22 21:43:54

China's current inflation cycle is approaching a "turning point," an official with the country's top economic planner said Friday.

Taiwan hospitals eye mainland clients

2011-07-22 20:52:19

Taiwan hopes to emulate Hong Kong and the Republic of Korea to become a medical service provider for wealthy mainlanders as cross-Straits individual travel began last month.

41 dead in central China bus fire

2011-07-22 11:58:07

Forty-one passengers were dead from a bus fire Friday morning in Xinyang city, Central China's Henan province.

China welcomes Canadian court's rule on Lai

2011-07-22 11:41:40

China on Friday welcomed the Canadian federal court's decision of upholding the deportation of one of China's most wanted fugitives Lai Changxing.

Canada rules to deport fugitive Lai

2011-07-22 11:38:49

A Canadian court decided late Thursday to send one of China's most-wanted fugitive Lai Changxing back to China to answer criminal charges.