River pollution level safe but rising

2012-01-30 07:47:27

Cadmium pollution in the upper Longjiang River has entered the water conservation area in Liujiang River, pushing the cadmium level close to the highest permitted level.

Cities see surge of returning workers

2012-01-30 07:15:02

The Spring Festival ended with another travel peak as millions of travelers returned from family visits to work, raising pressure on railroads and highways.

Converting food waste is not a rubbish idea

2012-01-30 09:30:08

Leftovers can be easily transformed into fertilizer, animal feed and energy.

Cadmium pollution controlled in S China river

2012-01-29 13:53:20

Industrial waste from a local mining company spilt it into the Longjiang River.
Cadmium spill no threat to HK, Macao

China to give $95m to African Union

2012-01-29 10:43:48

AU is the important cooperative partner of China in Africa and international community.

Human rights report flawed by bias

2012-01-29 07:59:40

Human rights report issued by New York-based Human Rights Watch seriously lacks in objectivity.

China reaches out to Ethiopia

2012-01-29 08:05:45

China is to import more products from Ethiopia and encourage greater investment in Ethiopia.

Festival holiday boosts retail sales

2012-01-29 00:09:25

Shops and restaurants across the country pocketed 470 billion yuan ($74.4 billion) in sales volume.

Japanese PM expects more exchanges with China in 2012

2012-01-28 17:15:51

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda expressed the hope that people-to-people exchanges between Japan and China would increase this year as the two countries celebrate the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties.

China eyes more overseas training for key sectors

2012-01-28 10:45:42

During the previous Five-Year Plan period (2005-2010), 257,000 people received this type of training.

Chinese break Christmas shopping record

2012-01-28 10:41:19

Despite the current global economic downturn, Chinese tourists spent a record-breaking amount on luxury products abroad during Christmas.

A toothless victim of its own success

2012-01-28 10:24:47

The production value of CCTV's New Year's gala is much better now than it was during the mid-1980s, when the television event was conceived.