Lawyer: Conoco should face criminal charges

2011-09-07 07:30:52

Legal experts have suggested China's maritime authorities file a criminal case against ConocoPhillips China. CNOOC halts oil production  Oil leaks specialComments(61)

Paper sets course for peaceful growth

2011-09-07 07:47:56

BEIJING - A policy of peaceful development is at the core of China's vision of its future and previous practices by other rising powers will not be repeated, according to a white paper.

China regrets WTO's report on tire dispute

2011-09-06 06:36:26

China expressed its regret over a WTO ruling which rejected a Chinese complaint against "protectionist" measures taken by the U.S. against Chinese tier imports.

China's ODI gains strong momentum

2011-09-06 14:14:54

China's outbound direct investment surged 21.7% to $68.81 billion in 2010, beating Japan and Britain to be the fifth largest in the world.

CNOOC halts oil production

2011-09-06 07:38:04

China National Offshore Oil Corp said the suspension of drilling operations at its Penglai 19-3 oilfieldit will lose 62,000 barrels a day of oil production.Oil leaks special  Public wrath Comments(56)

Beijing denies Gadhafi arms trade

2011-09-06 08:12:56

Chinese companies have not provided military products to Libya in any direct or indirect form,said FM.

China to strengthen auditing in Army

2011-09-05 22:59:13

The Central Military Commission of China issued an internal circular on strengthening the army's auditing work, according to an official news release on Monday.

Chinese Premier vows further carbon cut

2011-09-04 22:06:39

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao pledged to cut carbon emission and transform the mode of economic development.

Silk Road to welcome world's tourists

2011-09-05 07:24:31

Xinjiang will become one of the world's most dynamic tourism growth areas in the near future.

168 problems plague high-speed trains

2011-09-05 07:20:07

China's high-speed railways suffered 168 glitches in July, according to a Ministry of Railways report.

New plan to hear public opinions

2011-09-05 07:11:40

Community workers will knock from door to door to canvass citizens' concerns in a major bid to improve social management.

66th anniversary of Japan's surrender marked

2011-09-03 21:33:50

Saturday marks the 66th anniversary of the victory against Japanese aggression.