Campaign seeks to give children a safe ride

2011-11-19 09:12:02

A famous micro-blogger has started a campaign to make children safer on China's roads, following a school bus accident on Wednesday in Gansu province that killed 21 people and injured 43.

Input welcome in space plan

2011-11-19 08:22:22

China's space station plan welcomes outside involvement, a senior space official said on Friday.

Harbin sets limits on dogs

2011-11-19 09:06:56

Harbin will implement a one-dog policy to regulate the growing pet population in the city, but the rule worries many pet owners.

Flood warning system set up

2011-11-19 08:44:36

China's water authority introduced overseas advanced flood management solutions on Thursday to try to prevent its second-longest waterway from flood disasters.

Rule to send gutter oil down the drain

2011-11-19 08:40:14

Starting in March, a person will have to have authorization before he can transport and recycle kitchen waste in Beijing.

Shanghai regulates treatment of waste oil

2011-11-19 08:34:02

The next week will see specific plans and measures drawn up to put into effect a regulation to prevent the illegal use and collection of restaurants' waste oil

City to build more public kindergartens

2011-11-19 03:53:20

A city in Gansu province said it will increase investment to build more public kindergartens in wake of a school bus accident that killed 19 preschoolers.

China kicks off Great Wall protection project

2011-11-18 16:31:29

The municipal government of Jiayuguan in northwest China's Gansu province on Friday kicked off a repair and construction project focused on the western end of China's Great Wall.

Shenzhou VIII returns to earth

2011-11-18 07:56:26

The unmanned Shenzhou VIII spacecraft returned to Earth on Thursday.

Govt depts share info on Weibo

2011-11-18 07:16:09

Information from the official micro blog, or Weibo is assembled in the online information room, launched on Thursday at

China, ASEAN pledge further co-op

2011-11-18 12:56:47

China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) pledged to further strengthen their strategic mutual trust and pragmatic cooperation in all areas at a summit commemorating the 20th anniversary of their dialogue relations.

Safety check urged for school buses

2011-11-18 07:31:09

The Ministry of Education urged schools and kindergartens nationwide to conduct safety checks on buses after 21 children were killed.