China, ASEAN eye co-op for regional growth

2011-10-22 07:55:48

Premier Wen Jiabao on Friday urged China and ASEAN to increase the scale of currency swaps, pledging to boost the imports of competitive products from the regional bloc.

Polluting plant hasn't resumed: officials

2011-10-22 10:13:42

Officials denied on Friday that a plant that had been ordered to close after killing dozens of farm animals with pollution has resumed operations. The statement came in response to suspicions that the operation had reopened in late September.

Hong Kong ferry crash hurts many

2011-10-22 08:45:24

More than 70 people were injured when a ferry crashed into a mooring pillar inside a typhoon shelter at one of Hong Kong's outlying islands early Friday morning.

Women still face bias on the job

2011-10-22 08:30:15

Chinese women face discrimination in the job market and earn less than men, a survey found.

EU official welcomes cultural exchanges

2011-10-22 08:26:49

Beijing's decision on Tuesday to bolster the worldwide influence of Chinese culture will lend more impetus to cultural exchanges and help remove misconceptions between the European Union and its member countries.

14 police suspected in Qingdao gang case

2011-10-22 08:20:13

Fourteen police officers, who are accused of involvement in a large criminal gang case in East China's Shandong province, have been placed under investigation.

Girl in double hit-and-run dies

2011-10-22 08:10:32

Yue Yue, the 2-year-old girl who was run over by two vehicles last week and ignored by numerous passers-by, died in hospital on Friday.

Mainland, Taiwan sign nuclear safety agreement

2011-10-21 07:25:08

The mainland and Taiwan signed an agreement on nuclear safety on Thursday to boost cooperation following Japan's nuclear crisis.

Mars probe prepared for launch

2011-10-21 07:33:40

China's first Mars probe will be launched between Nov 8 and Nov 20, after being delayed for two years.

Cities' groundwater getting worse

2011-10-21 07:54:43

More than half of the groundwater monitored in the country's major cities failed to meet standards for drinking.

China-ASEAN Expo kicks off

2011-10-21 09:51:25

The eighth China-ASEAN Expo opened in Nanning in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region on Friday.

China opposes US report on its internal affairs

2011-10-20 10:27:50

China on Wednesday voiced opposition to an annual report by the US Congressional-Executive Commission on China, saying it interfered in China's internal affairs.