Army of hearts extends helping hand

2011-12-06 07:53:33

China's growing army of volunteers is playing an increasingly important role in the society.

UK opens arms for Chinese deals

2011-12-06 07:52:35

The United Kingdom is welcoming Chinese investment in its infrastructure sector.

China open to talks on binding emission cut

2011-12-05 06:40:10

China agrees to discuss binding emission cut after 2020, the head of the Chinese delegation to the Durban climate conference said on Sunday.

Homeless find asylum at aid stations

2011-12-05 08:10:53

Aid stations in Beijing are striving to keep the homeless people wandering around in the city warm in this freezing winter.

Schools build the mind, not body

2011-12-05 07:56:11

Chinese students forced to sacrifice sport, exercise for extra time in classrooms.

Wild tigers may vanish in 20 years

2011-12-05 07:03:56

The last remaining Siberian tigers living wild in Northeast China could disappear within decades.

BRICS nations powwow in Sanya

2011-12-04 07:30:47

Delegates to the Forum reached a series of agreements in China's southern beach city of Sanya.

Beijing revising housing rules

2011-12-03 08:07:49

A new policy on public rental housing is allowing more low- and middle-income families to apply for homes.

AIDS inmates get special attention

2011-12-03 19:32:29

AIDS inmates get special attention

Feeding China

2011-12-04 07:39:28

China's autumn harvest surpassed expectations this year, despite a constant battle with droughts, floods and pests.

Shaolin kungfu star enlisted in the army

2011-12-03 10:16:44

An official of the local department of people's armed forces helps Shi Xiaoguang, a shaolin kungfu star, put on a red flower at a farewell party.

Prison, a special place of learning

2011-12-03 09:53:31

What is life like in jail? Jail, a place to confine people and take away a range of personal freedoms as a penalty for crimes, also has the function of reshaping prisoners based on the Prison Law of China.