Chinese language in US is increasing

2012-02-14 07:42:19

Spanish is the No 1 foreign language offered in the schools across the country, French is second and Chinese is third.

'Biased reports' not acceptable

2012-02-14 09:22:05

China does not mind criticism but cannot accept double standards from the foreign media.

Trust vital for strong relations

2012-02-14 07:40:56

Better understanding will improve Sino-US ties, business cooperation.

Town ready to welcome return of special guest

2012-02-13 08:01:50

Great expectations in Iowa ahead of vice-president's reunion with friends

Sub vessel to attempt record-setting dive

2012-02-13 07:59:35

High underwater pressure will be the greatest danger facing Jiaolong, China's manned deep-sea vessel, when it attempts to make the deepest dive.

China working to lure foreign experts

2012-02-13 07:55:13

China plans to introduce 500 to 1,000 high-end non-Chinese foreign professionals in 10 years.

China to expand government procurement program

2012-02-11 09:43:44

China will try to expand the scope and scale of its government procurement program and continue to push for reforms in the area this year.

Envoy: VP visit will boost Sino-US relations

2012-02-12 07:19:31

The coming visit by Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping to the United States will be significant in furthering cooperation between the two countries.

Yuan hits new high ahead of Xi's visit

2012-02-11 08:09:39

Experts say rise shows market has confidence in Chinese economy.

250,000 benefit from water project

2012-02-12 11:35:14

More than 250,000 farmers and herders in Qinghai Province have benefited from a water project that was aimed at providing clean drinking water.

Touching hearts

2012-02-12 07:56:16

On an overcast spring day in 2005, Wee Lin finally accomplished the mission he had been planning for half a year.

Ties to cover more sectors

2012-02-10 08:04:10

China is willing to increase imports from Canada and to boost cooperation in energy and other areas.