China to amend income-tax law

2011-06-15 21:54:12

China's top legislature will deliberate an amendment to the Personal Income Tax Law in an upcoming bimonthly session from June 27 to 30.

Chinese tourists lead global shopping: report

2011-06-15 10:42:50

Chinese mainland tourists spent more on shopping in 2010 than any other nation.

Suspected tick bites found in Beijing

2011-06-15 08:22:48

The disease control center in suburban Changping district on Tuesday started all-round disinfections in a community where a resident and some pets were suspected of being bitten by ticks last week.

Donation drive kicks off

2011-06-15 08:16:17

Chinese capital city has launched a blood drive to encourage more people to donate to address seasonal blood shortages and ensure supply security.

Inflation in May hits new high

2011-06-15 07:49:49

Reserve ratio hiked following 5.5% rise in CPI; concerns over slowdown

Floods force 55,000 to evacuate

2011-06-15 07:49:21

Heavy rain battered South China, causing more deaths and triggering floods and landslides.

Diplomats visit Party department

2011-06-15 07:46:17

54 senior diplomats from 50 countries exchange thoughts with top Party personnel officials.

Reserves ratio hiked; CPI at 5.5%

2011-06-14 16:52:13

China's central bank raised bank reserve ratios on Tuesday for the ninth time since last October after data showed inflation rising in May to 5.5 percent, its highest level in almost three years.
China Economy by Numbers - May
NBS staff probed for economic data leaks

China moves to ease civil flight delays

2011-06-14 09:54:47

China's airspace regulator will shift flights in rush hours to less busy hours, and extend the daily open time of the airspace, in a bid to ease flight delays of civil planes.

China to build hi-tech eco-district in Shaanxi

2011-06-14 09:01:29

China released a general plan to build Xi'an and Xianyang, the area used to be where the capital of 13 ancient Chinese dynasties stood, into a high-tech eco-district, in northwestern China's Shaanxi province, local authorities said Monday.

China, Kazakhstan agree on closer ties

2011-06-14 07:56:28

Cooperation strengthened in crucial sectors

Bad intentions threaten food safety

2011-06-14 07:52:29

Intentional contamination by food producers and processors driven by profits are largely being blamed for the food safety crisis in China.