Housing cost to fall; no 'hard landing' expected

2011-07-04 06:45:55

The nation's high housing prices will meet a downward inflection point in the third quarter but the sector is not expected to suffer a "hard landing".

23 trapped at flooded colliery

2011-07-03 16:04:44

Flood waters continued to pour into a coal mine in Southwest China's Guizhou Province Sunday following Saturday's flood that trapped 23 workers underground.

Hong Kong: Fifty years no change

2011-07-03 09:42:09

Hong Kong is living proof that "one country two systems" has worked. It has also lived up to the promise that it will keep dancing, keep going to the races and keep the stock market alive. Pauline D Loh looks back on the last 14 years.

Urbanites take to farming in China

2011-07-03 09:26:02

Urban consumers, eager to secure a safer diet, are rushing to manage the production of their own food by directly engaging in the farm work.

Two coal mine disasters kill 3

2011-07-03 07:55:09

Rescuers were racing against time on Saturday to reach 40 miners buried underground in two separate coal mine disasters which have already killed three people in south China.

Senior official begins four-day visit to France

2011-07-03 07:15:45

He Guoqiang arrived in the southern French coastal city of Nice to begin a four-day visit.

Crackdown on illegal production after accidents

2011-07-03 07:12:41

China's top work safety supervisor on Saturday ordered local government departments to severely crack down on illegal production and construction at mines to prevent deadly accidents.

Russia invites China for rail co-op

2011-07-02 22:54:42

China would have good chances of winning in the public bidding on major Russian railway projects,says the president of Russian Railways company.

NAO reports progress in audits of high-ranking public officials

2011-07-02 09:29:57

A total of 151 provincial-level officials and ministers have been audited as of the end of 2010, the National Audit Office (NAO) said at a news conference on Friday.

Coffee and cats, a purrfect combination

2011-07-02 09:11:03

When a 5-year-old girl swung a cat toy, a small yellow Bengal cat with large black spots suddenly jumped, caught the toy and rolled over. The girl giggled, touched its paw and said "how cute".

Oil spilled at offshore fields in Bohai Bay

2011-07-02 08:45:01

Authorities confirmed that an offshore oilfield in Bohai Bay had spilled oil but they have "effectively controlled" the leak.A report from ConocoPhillips China said an oil sheen on the sea surface near the oilfield was observed "in early or mid June".

Ministries' budgets lack detailed data

2011-07-02 08:22:17

Central government agencies spent 9.47 billion yuan ($1.46 billion) in 2010 on publicly financed vehicles, official receptions and overseas trips, according to the Ministry of Finance.