China to uphold peace, facilitate co-op

2012-03-06 10:37:34

The priorities of China's diplomacy are to tackle thorny regional and international issues through dialogues.Sino-US ties

Wen vows to boost ODI, foreign trade

2012-03-06 07:49:58

China will further advance its reform and opening-up policy this year by encouraging companies to go abroad. Growth target cut Education spending raised Official takes blame for inflation

Growth target faces cut

2012-03-06 07:39:52

The economic growth target could be lowered further after it was set at 7.5 percent for 2012.

China falls short in energy use cut

2012-03-06 07:24:34

China failed to attain its planned targets for slashing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Chinese love of fashion reaches runways of Paris

2012-03-06 08:10:30

China's love affair with style is on full display at Paris Fashion Week.

Constructive partnership will build foundations

2012-03-06 07:59:33

The pace of China building its infrastruction has been so fast that many people say the US could learn a thing or two.

Chinese city taps British tourism market

2012-03-06 08:18:43

China's famous scenic city Hangzhou kicked off a large-scale tourism promotion campaign in London.

Govt to raise education spending

2012-03-06 07:47:08

The central government has decided government spending on education will account for 4 percent of the country's GDP this year.

Income gap needs attention: deputy

2012-03-06 07:18:02

China has seen an ever-increasing income gap over the past three decades as its economy boomed.

The pros and cons of rising labor costs

2012-03-06 07:55:19

When Premier Wen Jiabao repeatedly mentioned raising income levels and improving social welfare on Monday, some people were happy, others not.

More measures sought for aiding elderly population

2012-03-06 08:04:50

Officials are calling for measures to cope with the rapid growth of the country's elderly population.

China to boost rehabilitation therapy capacities

2012-03-06 00:24:55

China has vowed to further build up the country's rehabilitation therapy capacity in the 2011-2015 period by exerting more strength in cultivating talents and improving such services offered in urban community- or rural township-based clinics.