China regrets WTO ruling against export curbs

2011-07-06 06:48:11

China's reinforced administration of certain resources products is in line with the objective of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Chinese Preferment Mission to the WTO said Tuesday.

Red Cross trying to ease trust crisis

2011-07-06 06:12:17

The Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) opened its official microblog Monday to better interact with netizens amid a mounting public trust crisis.

China's June CPI may hit 3-year high

2011-07-05 08:16:46

China's inflation is expected to reach a three-year high in June - possibly exceeding 6 percent for the first time since August, 2008 - driven by soaring food prices and living expenses, analysts said.

Hostels provide refuge for city job seekers

2011-07-05 08:00:42

Sharing a double bed with a roommate in a 20-square-meter bedroom, Ma Chao is quite satisfied with his living conditions.

Back home: the upside and the down

2011-07-05 07:51:29

While there is no shortage of people available for work in China, their distribution is problematic.

Employers told to protect workers from heat

2011-07-05 07:34:25

Relevant authorities have jontly called for efforts to be stepped up to protect laborers on excessively hot days.

China backs global fight against corruption

2011-07-05 07:21:41

China will boost efforts to fight cross-border corruption by enhancing information exchanges for extraditions, repatriations and the recovery of illegal funds.

China, Japan seek better ties amid sea disputes

2011-07-05 07:03:01

China and Japan agreed to seek better ties as the Japanese foreign minister visited China, the first in his official capacity, amid maritime disputes.

Old-age subsidies benefits 8 million

2011-07-05 06:06:51

China's old-age subsidies system has expanded to 14 provincial-level regions, benefitting 8 million citizens aged above 80.

Mudslide cuts off highway in Sichuan

2011-07-04 09:22:25

Victims watch as a mudslide torrent sweeps by in Yingxiu county of Wenchuan in Southwest China's Sichuan province on July 3, 2011.

HK university attracts mainland students

2011-07-04 07:02:59

The University of Hong Kong has attracted 11 students from mainland provinces who achieved top scores in the national college entrance exam this year, almost double the number in 2010.

South China swelters in heat wave

2011-07-04 06:54:18

China's meteorological authorities issued a warning about excessively high temperatures that are expected to hit southern China for the next few days.