When the levees broke . . .

2011-06-18 07:32:41

ZHUJI, Zhejiang - Rescuers on rubber boats and fishing vessels delivered bottled water and instant noodles to residents stranded by flood after a bulging river broke through damaged dams and inundated houses in this East China city on Friday.

Flood alert at top level; 555,000 evacuated

2011-06-17 13:40:05

China has mobilised troops to help with flood relief and raised its disaster alert to the highest level after days of downpours.

More foreign interns work in China

2011-06-17 08:26:07

Students lured by opportunities, report Xu Junqian in Shanghai and Duan Yan, Wang Yan in Beijing.

Govt gets earful on income taxes

2011-06-17 07:34:16

The proposed increase of income tax threshold, which was put online to gauge public opinion, received responses from more than 82,000 people.

Chinese ministers join in red chorus

2011-06-17 07:33:28

A total of 90 ministers and vice-ministers sang in a red song chorus in Beijing on Thursday to celebrate the upcoming 90th anniversary of the founding of CPC.

China, Russia pledge more co-op on security

2011-06-17 07:13:05

China, Russia deepened their strategic ties by vowing to support each other on core security issues.

Maritime forces to be beefed up amid disputes

2011-06-17 07:10:25

China's offshore surveillance force will be beefed up to ensure that the country's maritime interests are fully protected amid increasing disputes with its neighbors.

Rare-earth supplies expected to grow

2011-06-16 09:09:20

The world's supply of rare-earth minerals will outstrip demand within five years.

Chinese judge re-elected to UN Court

2011-06-16 08:27:53

Gao Zhiguo was re-elected judge of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

Experts warn of threat along new railway

2011-06-16 08:18:08

Railway experts have called on local governments along the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line to stop jeopardizing the landmark project by drawing underground water.

Downpour claims more lives

2011-06-16 08:02:57

The floods in Central and South China have killed another seven people and left seven more missing during the past three days.

Shanghai bloc calls for Libya cease-fire

2011-06-16 07:16:20

Shanghai Cooperation Organization backs Russia against US-led missile defense plans in Europe.