Indian quake felt in China's Tibet

2011-09-19 09:20:16

Three houses collapsed, one person was injured and telecommunications services suspended in some parts of the Tibet autonomous region.

China to grade catering services with cartoon faces

2011-09-18 08:23:02

China's food safety watchdog plans to use cartoon faces to grade restaurants and delis based on the evaluation of their food safety conditions.

Protest over pollution in E China

2011-09-18 07:47:24

Hundreds of villagers in Zhejiang Province protested for the third day on Saturday at a solar panel manufacturer over pollution concerns.

The power and glory

2011-09-18 07:33:44

Yao Chen has been crowned China's "Queen of the micro blogs". It is a title she wears with some discomfort.

Rain-triggered landslide kills 1

2011-09-17 19:48:03

Rain-triggered landslide hit a mountain-side brickyard in northwest China on Saturday, leaving at least one worker dead and ten others missing.

Aftershocks hit Honshu, Japan

2011-09-17 07:08:12

A series of aftershocks hit off the east coast of Japan's Honshu island early Saturday morning, but no immediate of damage or casualties were reported.

Fair education access for migrants ordered

2011-09-17 08:04:09

Migrant workers' children should not be excluded from urban education programs because their schools were closed.

Medical help on the road to Mecca 

2011-09-17 07:26:24

China will offer more medical help to Muslims during the upcoming pilgrimage to Mecca.

Domestic market key for future

2011-09-17 08:05:53

With exports sagging in the face of the global debt crisis, China's manufacturers should look to cash in on domestic demand.

Aid not tied to status

2011-09-17 08:05:53

China is not trading its help to European countries for their recognition of the nation's market economy status

Media reports about China unbalanced

2011-09-17 09:22:40

Western businesspersons and scholars are increasingly requesting constructive introspection from their media and politicians rather than the typical knee-jerk reaction of using China as a scapegoat for problems.

2,200 held after crackdown on gang crimes

2011-09-16 07:15:13

Police have smashed nearly 300 triad gangs, conducting nearly 2,200 arrests, in a nationwide crackdown that started on Sept 1, a senior officer of the Ministry of Public Security said.