China submersible dive to 5,038 m

2011-07-26 06:54:14

Such a depth means Jiaolong could reach over 70 percent of the seabed in the world.

Rescued girl shows vital signs, tough road ahead

2011-07-26 06:44:22

The last survivor pulled from Saturday's deadly train accident - a 2-year-old girl - showed good vital signs the morning after her first surgery. Hasty burial of wreckage sparks suspicion  Stock prices down Chinese-Italian badly injured Death toll rises to 39 Public wary of high-speed railway Unanswered questions over rail dispatch system

First train passes accident site after deadly collision

2011-07-25 13:26:25

The first train passes the accident site of a deadly collision in East China's Zhejiang province on Monday morning.

China train collision kills 36, 192 injured

2011-07-25 13:25:35

The train collision in east China's Zhejiang Province has killed 36 people and left 192 others injured as of Sunday night.

Injured toddler in train crash shows recovery signs

2011-07-25 12:59:28

A toddler rescued about 21 hours after a deadly high-speed train crash in east China's Zhejiang Province shows good vital signs, according to doctors.

Frustrated commuters block bus in protest

2011-07-25 11:18:34

Despite the heat and rush-hour traffic, two female commuters blocked a bus stopped at an intersection in Wuhan, the capital city of Central China's Hubei province, on July 23, 2011, in protest that the bus did not to stop at the right station.

Subway safety blitz in Beijing after E China train crash

2011-07-25 10:32:26

Beijing has strengthened safety procedures on the city's subway network in the wake of a fatal train crash in east China, the Beijing Times reported Monday.

China opens court on tainted meat

2011-07-25 10:15:16

A court in Henan opened court on the case of producing and selling clenbuterol, a poisonous chemical boosting the output of lean meat.

Suspended bullet service sends some to planes, buses

2011-07-25 07:50:45

The fatal train accident that occurred on Saturday night in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, has left many passengers uneasy about using high-speed rail services, especially during bad weather.

Experts and the neighbors pitch in to help

2011-07-25 07:50:45

WENZHOU, Zhejiang - Help for the victims of Saturday night's train crash, from medical and psychological specialists to residents with blood to spare, flocked to Wenzhou from other cities and communities within Wenzhou.

Pesticide use rules to be revised

2011-07-25 07:49:59

China plans to set up strict regulations on pesticide use in response to nationwide concern about the safety of agricultural products.

Minor offenders' anger with families

2011-07-25 07:49:59

A large proportion of juvenile criminals said they were angry with their parents, a nationwide survey revealed on Sunday.