More students look to US for grad school

2011-08-25 07:37:54

For Duan Can, a graduate in electronic engineering from the Beijing Institute of Technology, a half year of work on an graduate-school application has brought offers to attend three leading US universities.

Charities must make public their spending

2011-08-25 07:37:11

All charitable organizations will be required to make timely releases of information about their fundraising, projects and distribution of donors' money.

China defends patrol near Diaoyu Islands

2011-08-25 06:32:05

China defended its patrol boats' activities in waters near the Diaoyu Islands on Wednesday, adding they were on a normal patrol mission to protect Chinese fishermen.

China improves safety of school buses

2011-08-25 06:23:30

China's Ministry of Education launched a pilot program Wednesday to improve the management of the country's school buses.

China lacks enough elderly care facilities

2011-08-24 21:53:06

Elderly care facilities in China are falling far short of meeting growing demand, said a report submitted to the country's top legislature for review on Wednesday.

China to amend law to prevent forced confessions

2011-08-24 19:07:02

China's top legislature will revise the Criminal Procedure Law to prevent judges from accepting confessions from tortured suspects and giving these suspects more defense options.

Casualties in S China factory fire identified

2011-08-24 21:23:20

Authorities in South China's Guangdong province on Wednesday published a list of casualties from a fire that engulfed a ceramics factory Tuesday, leaving 15 people dead and one injured.

ConocoPhillips vows to clean up oil spills

2011-08-24 19:18:06

US oil giant ConocoPhillips said it can complete the clean-up of oil spilled into the Bohai Bay before the deadline set by Chinese maritime authorities.

DPP leader's policy guidelines unacceptable

2011-08-24 21:20:35

Taiwan opposition leader's "10-year policy guidelines" are unrealistic and unacceptable, said a Chinese mainland spokesman on Wednesday.

Elderly population to represent 30% of total

2011-08-24 20:24:12

China's aging citizens will account for more than 30 percent of the country's total population by 2042, according to a legislature report.

Seven detained after mine flood traps 26

2011-08-24 19:58:15

Seven people who may have been responsible for a coal mine flood that trapped 26 miners Tuesday have been detained in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.

Aquino's China visit to boost bilateral ties

2011-08-24 19:45:26

The forthcoming visit by Philippine President Benigno Aquino III to China is sure to boost political, economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries, Chinese Ambassador Liu Jianchao said here Wednesday.