Jordan faces challenge in a new court from Qiaodan

2012-02-24 07:18:31

Qiaodan Sports, the company sued by US basketball legend Michael Jordan for unauthorized use of his name, defended itself by stressing its brand "cannot be identified with Michael Jordan".

Lead poisoning sickens 37 in S China

2012-02-24 06:41:39

Thirty-seven people, including at least 15 children, have been confirmed to be suffering from lead poisoning in South China's Guangdong province, local authorities said Thursday.

Excessive lead found in children

2012-02-24 07:52:14

Dozens of children living near a lead refinery plant in South China's Guangdong province have been diagnosed with excessive lead in their blood, a local government statement said.

Xi looks to the future at journey's end

2012-02-23 07:02:00

Xi Jinping wrapped up a three-day visit to Turkey with a call to boost trade and cooperation.

Chinese VP wraps up three-nation visits

2012-02-23 04:31:31

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping left Istanbul of Turkey for China on Wednesday afternoon, wrapping up his 10-day official visits to the United States, Ireland and Turkey.

Nanjing suspends ties with Nagoya

2012-02-23 07:22:32

Nagoya Mayor's refusal to take back his denial of the Nanjing Massacre has increased tension.

Apple and Proview court controversy

2012-02-23 09:33:29

Attorneys for Shenzhen Proview Technology and Apple went head-to-head during a heated hearing.

Program to champion rights of nonsmokers

2012-02-23 07:32:31

The Red Cross Society of China launched a three-year Create a Smoke-Free Environment Program on Wednesday.

Foxconn raises base wages, reduces overtime hours

2012-02-23 07:34:05

Foxconn announced on Monday it is raising the base wages of its workers on the Chinese mainland by 16 to 25 percent as of Feb 1 and will reduce the number of extra hours they may work.

Dispute rages over trial by weibo

2012-02-23 07:41:13

A court case has sparked a discussion over whether trial proceedings should be aired on micro blog.

China-Turkey trade to expand

2012-02-22 07:53:57

Trade relations between China and Turkey will deepen in the coming years despite inevitable frictions, experts said.

Xi forges stronger relationship with Turkey

2012-02-22 07:14:08

China and Turkey will increase trade and cooperation, Vice-President Xi Jinping said.