US 'must respect our regional interests'

2012-03-07 07:33:56

The United States must respect China's interests in the Asia-Pacific region, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said as Washington tries to assert more influence in the area.

Left-behind women keep homes running

2012-03-07 08:04:05

As husbands seek better-paid urban jobs, wives tend to elderly, children.

2 girls commit suicide for travel fantasy

2012-03-07 07:43:43

Time travel TV series have come under fire since two schoolgirls in East China's Fujian province killed themselves on Thursday.

'Control mainland births in HK'

2012-03-07 07:33:03

Measures should be taken to curb the rising number of mainland women delivering babies in Hong Kong.

Abbot envisions Shaolin branches overseas

2012-03-07 07:10:27

China's most renowned Buddhist attraction, Shaolin Temple, is planning to open overseas branches "when conditions are mature", according to the temple's abbot.

Xinjiang's stability important

2012-03-07 07:06:54

Maintaining stability in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region is extremely important.

Global situation offers win-win opportunities

2012-03-07 07:06:01

Faced with a more complicated global situation and more prominent international conflicts in the next decade, China sees more opportunities than challenges and has called for win-win cooperation.

'Don't blame China,' says US official

2012-03-07 15:48:49

A US State Department official says blaming China for major problems facing the US misses the point.

Insurance at a premium as firms face risks alone

2012-03-07 07:38:55

Companies operating overseas have to deal with more than just business matters.

US citizen arrested for illegal mapping

2012-03-07 07:44:41

A citizen of the United States has been fined for illegal surveying activities in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, the Xinjiang surveying and mapping bureau announced.

Voice: Let foreigners be civil servants

2012-03-06 13:44:51

China should recruit overseas talent to work as civil servants in departments where foreign expertise could help.

Migrants to enjoy same rights as urbanites

2012-03-06 15:03:42

Migrant workers living in China's cities will enjoy the same public services as those provided to city dwellers by the end of 2020.