Beijing to revamp its city planning

2011-05-24 15:56:08

Beijing plans to redo its city planning scheme in 2013, The Beijing News reported. The current scheme was set in 2005 for the 2004-2020 period.

Tibet marks successful 6 decades

2011-05-24 08:02:47

A grand ceremony was held in Potala Square on Monday morning as the Tibet autonomous region celebrated the 60th anniversary of its peaceful liberation.

Reservoirs have little in reserve

2011-05-24 07:17:25

Nearly 1,600 water reservoirs in Hubei province are running at the minimum water level needed for operation.Dam to release more water

Outbound travel open to foreign agencies

2011-05-24 07:15:30

China opened its tourism market wider and gave licenses to three joint travel services to organize Chinese tour groups overseas.

Food safety drive targets supervision

2011-05-24 07:04:35

Authorities are targeting corruption and negligence among officials involved in food safety in a bid to curb a growing number of incidents concerning contaminated food.57 officials probed in food cases

Power shortage: worse than the worst

2011-05-23 18:40:13

China witnessed the worst power shortage in decades in 2004, but the country's leading power distributor said Monday that this year might prove worse.

Coal-mine accident leaves 7 dead in Hunan

2011-05-23 08:41:56

At least seven people were killed and one more injured after a colliery gas burst accident in Central China's Hunan province Sunday evening, local government sources said Monday morning.

Summit boost for nuclear efforts

2011-05-23 07:56:43

Leaders of China, Japan and South Korea agree on joint drive to ensure safety, ease food import ban.

iPad factory blast may hit sales

2011-05-23 07:50:25

Latest incident again puts company's image under a harsh spotlight, report Gao Changxin in Shanghai, and Hu Yongqi and Tuo Yannan in Beijing.

Policy coming for riders of high-speed trains

2011-05-23 07:43:26

Passengers who want to ride high-speed trains on June 1 or after will find themselves having to pay attention to a new ticketing system adopted by railway authorities.

Experts query use of rice additives

2011-05-23 07:25:01

Some food safety experts have expressed doubts about the use of additives in rice, although officials said they are free from potential safety hazards.

Govt puts out details of budgets

2011-05-23 07:23:42

Eighty-eight of China's 98 central government departments had published their budgets by Friday.