'One suicide is too many'

2012-07-24 09:07:20

Canadian psychiatrist and "modern Henry Norman Bethune" Michael Phillips pioneers research on people who attempt to kill themselves.

How we spend to buy happiness

2012-07-23 13:40:42

Would you spend $1,800 on a Prada dress or a weekend in Italy? If you said the dress, chances are you're less happy than the person who would spend to buy experiences.

Czech first lady brings back lovable mole

2012-07-23 13:12:46

The Czech first lady was toting black-and-white plush toy versions of Krtek (Little Mole), the popular Czech cartoon character that CCTV relaunched last week.

Incubator of art

2012-07-23 13:08:30

A veteran laywer takes his fate in his own hands and turns to the world of arts, Darnell Gardner Jr. reports.

Flamenco veteran heats up Chinese dance

2012-07-23 11:22:59

In one of Clara Ramona's flamenco classes in Beijing, students become passionate dancers and show a side of themselves rarely seen in their daily lives.

When artifacts become untouchable

2012-07-23 11:17:38

In the three decades since David Dewey of Minneapolis began collecting Chinese antiquities he has donated dozens to favored museums.

Shadow master

2012-07-23 11:12:56

Blending tantric yoga and martial arts, shadow yoga instructor Scott Blossom shows Rebecca Lo how to get down at a recent conference in Hong Kong.

Stringing past with future

2012-07-23 10:54:26

They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and they had all gathered for an exhibition in Beijing. Liu Xiangrui marvels at the kite makers and their devotion to a traditional craft.

High Flyers

2012-07-23 09:56:24

Kite-flying can be a consuming passion as Chitraleka Basu finds out at the Weifang International Kite Festival, which had attracted an ardent gathering of international hobbyists.

Moving on, from surviving to living

2012-07-23 09:44:36

Exactly one year has passed, the 3-year-old last survivor of the deadly Wenzhou train accident is able to walk again and is taking the next steps in life.

Rural libraries start a new chapter in villages

2012-07-23 09:25:43

Farmers in Huilong village are making best use of local libraries.

Hope so!

2012-07-23 09:17:23

A 5-minute public-service film produced by the United Nations Development Program reveals what ordinary Chinese want for the world's future.