UN celebrates Chinese Language Day

2013-04-26 13:53:21

The United Nations marked the fourth Chinese Language Day here Friday with a series of special activities in an effort to discover the beauty of Chinese language and highlight the historical importance of Chinese culture.

Brush with history

2013-04-26 08:41:28

"I have a piece of work that 1.3 billion people have seen," Liu Wenxi says with a smile.

Worthy of an empress

2013-04-26 08:41:28

Anyone with an interest in Chinese history will know how difficult it was to flatter Dowager Cixi with gifts. With a huge collection of priceless objects in her possession, very little could impress the empress, who was known for her decadence.

China changes its tune

2013-04-26 08:41:28

Shark fin soup was commonly served at Chinese weddings and banquets as a delicacy and a way of "giving face", or showing respect to honored guests.

At a glance

2013-04-24 17:03:40

Vaccines are dead or deactivated disease-causing organisms, or mild derivatives of such organisms.


2013-04-24 17:03:40

Newspaper Health Times initiated a campaign on April 19 in Beijing to educate pregnant women on how to get enough nutrition.

Knowing vaccines

2013-04-24 17:02:10

Every Chinese child can get inoculated against the most common childhood diseases, but many parents are still unsure if it is the best thing for their baby.

Prevention is still better than cure

2013-04-24 17:02:10

As with any medication, no one can completely rule out the possibility of side effects associated with vaccines, but people can minimize the risks if they take appropriate measures, medical experts say.

Sliding to safety

2013-04-24 14:13:11

A retired machinist has invented a slide that will allow people living in high-rises a faster, safer way to escape from a burning building.More on art

Kite festival puts Weifang on the map

2013-04-23 10:39:07

The 30th Weifang International Kites Festival kicked off on April 20 in Shandong province's Weifang.

Aeronautics, astronautics scholarship launched

2013-04-23 10:29:31

A scholarship provided to students of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has been launched in Beijing.

Playing the game

2013-04-22 10:07:32

Chinese-made video games are moving into international markets and 'Westernizing' to appeal to a wider audience.Ear to the ground