Fighting talk

2011-12-22 07:43:13

Kungfu superstar Jet Li says acting is just a hobby now. He has seldom appeared in public to promote his films in the past three years.

Cities are going digital - but slowly

2011-12-21 15:53:35

The first E-home Index of Chinese Urban Citizens report recently released shows the general digitalized degree of Chinese communities remains low - only 34.04 out of total score of 100.

US Web censorship bill may slash the threads of the Net

2011-12-21 10:22:36

Legislators responsible for governing the Internet in China must be a little bit tickled by what's going on in the United States at the moment and even tempted to say, "I told you so."

A guide to the four C's for men with wives

2011-12-20 08:05:10

With Christmas coming soon and the early arrival of Chinese New Year just around the corner, it's time to whittle down your list.

Country in City

2011-12-19 11:00:37

China's mega-cities are bursting at the seams. The country is now undergoing the quickest and biggest urbanization in the history of mankind.

Yo, Pengyou!

2011-12-19 11:00:37

As a Chinese-American kid in San Marino, California, Allan Wu had no vision of himself as a bridge between his family's ancestral culture and its new one.

Poster boys of safe sex

2011-12-19 07:56:20

Controversy surrounds posters promoting HIV/AIDS awareness among gay men.

Hit role

2011-12-16 11:30:43

Foreign kungfu fan punches his way on to silver screen.

Rising demand spurs greater horseplay

2011-12-16 11:09:23

Equestrian sector riding wave of popularity but hurdles remain.

Yak-to-back success

2011-12-16 07:47:51

Yak hair is the unlikely material for sportswear made by two China-based entrepreneurs.

Forever young

2011-12-16 07:35:53

Jay Chou's latest album appears to be aimed at youth, and the man himself believes he will always be 18 at heart.

A bit too bright for its own good

2011-12-16 07:35:53

A new film about one of the most heartrending episodes in recent Chinese history leaves more to be desired.

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