When did my list for Santa Claus become New Year resolutions?

2011-12-27 09:28:29

As a kid, I had lots of toys on my wish list for Santa. But like many Chinese parents, they stuck to what they thought would be most beneficial to my development.

Circuit breakers

2011-12-27 09:28:02

A group of DIY gizmo and robot inventors seek to rewire their futures.

Santa Claus still flying high in new poll

2011-12-26 10:08:01

Why do kids believe a chubby guy in a flying sleigh can deliver joy across the United States? Because their parents did.

Living books share stories in Beijing's first human library

2011-12-26 09:55:17

Li Xingning has nurtured the dream of being a librarian ever since she was a child. This Christmas, her dream came true, only that her books were real people.

From virtual to reality

2011-12-26 09:54:52

At the beginning of 2011, 27-year-old Beijing resident Wen Erniu posted an article on a popular lifestyle portal calling on people to invest a little money in a Beijing cafe.

Helping those who help themselves

2011-12-26 09:11:08

The nonprofit Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship is helping those who haven't got a job create their own businesses.

A cut above

2011-12-24 07:45:45

When Jiao Yan stumbled upon an online photo of pop singer Rihanna wearing a jumper she designed, she screamed to her colleagues: "Champagne! Champagne!"

War of words over news reports of elopement rumors fought in court

2011-12-24 07:45:45

The 30-year-old actress Fan Bingbing went to court this week to battle claims that she eloped with the 65-year-old actor Wang Xueqi, and she appears to be winning the war.

Show draws from power of numbers

2011-12-23 10:31:07

An exhibition featuring a group of contemporary artists is ongoing at ShanghART Gallery.

A pitch perfect American Pistachio Growers' effort

2011-12-22 15:23:44

American Pistachio Growers (APG) recently staged an in-store promotion at supermarkets in Beijing and Shanghai to improve awareness of American pistachios among Chinese consumers.

Guinness World Records has a domino effect

2011-12-22 15:23:28

A dozen or so domino players gathered in Langfang, Hebei province, on Dec 13 to announce a challenge for the Guinness World Records domino-toppling record.

Online courses get high marks

2011-12-22 07:43:13

Following hot on the heels of overseas distance learning initiatives, the Ministry of Education is introducing online courses from China's universities.