Beijing Garden Expo encourages family gardening

2013-05-07 10:50:52

A family gardening event entitled "Bringing Gardening into Daily Life" kicked off on Saturday at the Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Residence Compound.

Adventure advocate

2013-05-07 09:52:48

A Belgian adventurer came to China because he first heard about the country from a Chinese tugboat worker in Nigeria, and he has come a long way since.

All-time high

2013-05-06 17:19:14

The EU delegation celebrates its continental culture with a month of activities in May.

Spring rite

2013-05-06 17:17:09

Visitors to Inner Mongolia autonomous region will probably not understand the spirit of Mongolian ethnic group without seeing the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan in Ejin Horo Banner, Ordos.

Dutch expats cheer 'Bea' in royal transition

2013-05-06 16:26:00

Guests at the Dutch embassy's daylong celebration of the Netherlands' new king swarmed the garden in a sea of orange, sporting neckties, blouses, sports jackets, hair ribbons and even eyeglasses in the national color.

Irish-American keeps his audience in stitches

2013-05-06 16:21:34

Des Bishop's gig was sold out and there was a long waiting list as the Irish community, among others, turned out in force on April 27 to hear his first stand-up routine in Beijing at the Bookworm in Sanlitun.

City guide (May 7-June 9)

2013-05-06 15:57:54

Culture events in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao from May 7 to June 9.

A good fight

2013-05-05 07:13:03

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a ground fighting martial arts. But unlike many other ground fighting styles, it teaches practitioners the skill of controlling. As control is generally easier on the ground than in a standing position, much of the technique of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is centered round the skill of taking an opponent down to the ground and wrestling for dominant control without hurting the opponent.

Foundation celebrates anniversary

2013-05-03 14:39:56

The Cathay Future Foundation, a cultural and charity organization based in Tianjin, presented a gala show to celebrate its 20th anniversary last week.

Idiot box Needs to get smarter

2013-05-03 08:30:06

Song-and-dance duets are 78-year-old Ren Shuzhen's favorite, and like many other people in Northeast China, the resident of Jilin province spends almost the entire evening watching them.

Cast in bronze and memory

2013-05-03 08:30:06

Looted relics have been a hot topic in China in recent years and were back in the news last month when it was announced that two bronze sculptures taken from Beijing during a joint attack by British and French forces in 1860 will be returned to the country.

Telltale signs

2013-05-03 08:30:06

Characteristics in the Chinese zodiac