Epic drama staged

2012-10-25 22:43:08

The historic epic drama Blue Ocean and Silk Road will be performed at 21st Century Theater in Beijing.

Small-scale plays

2012-10-25 22:40:02

The First Small Venue Theater Awards were held in Beijing to honor outstanding plays made for small stages in Beijing.

Food expo in Chengdu

2012-10-25 22:40:02

The 8th China International Food Exposition will be held in Chengdu.

The power of four

2012-10-25 22:36:35

Cui Jian, the "godfather" of Chinese rock 'n' roll

Student directors

2012-10-25 22:36:35

Peter Chan Ho-sun recently appeared at the first award ceremony for students of Beijing Film Academy's directing department in Beijing.

Living well better than living long

2012-10-24 09:31:38

Living longer is no longer the point - it is living a healthy, happy long life that is most important.

Long life isn't such a big riddle

2012-10-24 09:12:19

There's little mystery about living longer. It's 20-30 percent genes directing your fate, and a combination of making sure you do all the things you're supposed to do.

Golden oldies of Hong Kong

2012-10-24 08:54:09

Hong Kong is now top of the world where longevity counts. Spend a day with one elderly couple and find out their thoughts on how to stay happy and healthy.

Doctor puts his heart into hypertension discoveries

2012-10-23 10:06:04

Yu Zhenqiu is the reason hypertension is a separate discipline from cardiology in China - and in the world.

Burn warrior

2012-10-23 09:57:13

Calm in the face of horrifying injuries, a champion of emergency medicine builds a stable of doctors who share his passion.

Casting call

2012-10-23 09:11:08

Jonathan Kos-Read isn't Chinese - but he's about as close as a foreigner gets. The American actor, who speaks with a perfect Beijing accent, is one of the most famous foreigners on TV and in movies.

Taiwan residents donate cultural relics to war museum

2012-10-22 16:04:00

A group of Taiwan residents donated a set of cultural relics to the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Museum in Beijing.