A right royal restaurant

2012-07-14 07:57:51

Empresses and royalty used to dine in the Summer Palace, an extravagant park built for the sole amusement of the last rulers of the Qing Dynasty.

A uniquely Chinese taste

2012-07-14 07:57:51

My first taste of the little cubes of pure flavor was at my grandfather's dining table when I was a child. We were having plain white congee, but there was nothing simple about the spread of side dishes that had the table groaning.

A unique calling

2012-07-13 13:31:29

Some 40 doctors have been traveling to Medog county, one of the world's most remote areas, to provide medical assistance.

Passion for Porcelain

2012-07-13 13:26:10

Fans of ancient ceramic art will be thrilled by an exhibition at National Museum of China.

Art Beat: Drama

2012-07-13 13:22:29

The stage adaptation of the award-winning Chinese movie, The Piano in a Factory, is on tour across China and will be performed in Shenzhen on July 14 and 15.

Magic powers

2012-07-13 13:21:04

Lu Chen, Taiwan's most renowned magician, will perform in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, on July 21.

Art beat: Art

2012-07-13 13:19:39

The John Moores Painting Prize China Exhibition 2012 features the winning and short-listed works of artists around the country.

Shanghai legends

2012-07-13 11:16:20

Lu Yuanxiong, a professor of the double bass piano and pianist Jose Feghali will present a concert titled Legend Sound in Shanghai.

Beijing Blues to premiere

2012-07-13 11:12:42

Mainland director Gao Qunshu's new film Beijing Blues, which won him best director at this year's Shanghai International Film Festival, will premiere on July 20.

Versatile ceramics

2012-07-13 10:38:06

Gan Daofu's recent solo exhibition on traditional blue-and-white porcelain blurs the boundary between practical use and decoration.

Ethnic hodgepodge

2012-07-13 10:36:04

A Walk in the Clouds - not the romantic movie starring heartthrob Keanu Reeves - is the latest show by Chinese choreographer Ding Wei, which features a dozen ethnic dance numbers.

Italian art in capital

2012-07-13 10:29:36

Beijing viewers can now savor masterpieces by Italian painters from 1492-1540, such as Botticelli, da Vinci and Michelangelo, without going to Europe.