Flying high once more

2013-12-26 09:39:42

A brain tumor nearly grounded a veteran fighter pilot forever but Shen Wenjie was determined to get back in the air.

Urbanization shrinks rural schools

2013-12-25 09:55:01

More Chinese migrant workers have opted to bring their children to the city for quality education, rather than leaving them behind in the countryside.

Santa Claus comes to town in various forms

2013-12-24 10:35:08

While there is no shortage of Christmas-themed parties, foreign and even inflatable Santas are starting to make their presence felt around the country.

Children bring Christmas to China

2013-12-24 09:58:00

While most Chinese still regard Christmas as a foreign flight of fancy, the commercial trappings are gaining traction among the country's middle class.

Learning to an African beat

2013-12-22 00:08:20

Watching a group of Chinese children playing the djembe, an African hand drum, in a park in Shenzhen is an uplifting experience. The ups and downs of the beat and the exotic rhythm produce a variety of sounds, presenting a vivid picture of Africa.

Green means go for e-bike startup

2013-12-22 10:28:14

It takes only five seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour for motorcycle DELTA, but it took five years to come this far.

Festivities sealed with a kiss

2013-12-20 07:39:48

Shanghai Xintiandi Style Mall is filled with a festive mood, featuring large-scale installations, knit works and various activities, under the theme "kiss".

A soldier for all time

2013-12-19 09:35:56

In life, he was an everyday hero, but in death, stories of Fu Lizhi's extreme commitment to the military are a source of inspiration.

Pole dancers parctices outside in cold winter

2013-12-18 09:49:41

A pole dancer practices outside in Tianjin on December 17, 2013.

Searching for a song

2013-12-18 09:44:15

When Chen Liang was offered a chance to trek through a beautiful stretch of forest to listen to the song of the endangered western black-crested gibbon, he jumped at the chance.

Nature the great educator

2013-12-18 07:03:15

Although few participants of the recent trek on the Ailao Mountains (Ailaoshan) managed to hear the western black-crested gibbons' duets, no one seemed to regret taking part.

Last of the gibbons

2013-12-18 09:12:35

Western black-crested gibbon is more endangered than the giant panda, even though it is the country's most populous gibbon.