Famous forever

2012-03-04 07:51:10

At Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong, star power shines bright for celebrities and the camera-toting people who love them.

IL Divo's pure, Wicked talent

2012-03-04 07:51:10

Watching Il Divo is a feast for the ears and the eyes. They've got charm and good looks, but what grabs you is their "popera" style of singing, or "pop opera".

Thank you for the music

2012-03-04 07:51:10

When a music festival is not purely about music, it becomes a carnival of diversified art. From March 9 to 25, Jue Music and Art Festival 2012 will be held in Beijing and Shanghai.

Power of beauty inside & out

2012-03-04 07:51:27

There is no better way to remember an exceptional woman than to pass forward her convictions and ideals.

Daughters of the yellow emperor

2012-03-04 07:50:46

Chinese women hold up half the sky, but they have the good sense to stay out of the sun.

For Sinead O'Connor, a fragile peacefulness

2012-03-04 07:49:37

COUNTY WICKLOW, Ireland - When Sinead O'Connor opened the door of her home recently, wearing a T-shirt that read "Property of Jesus" and a wool hat low over her blazing eyes, she sounded weary.

Indian star, American everyman

2012-03-04 07:49:37

"Hollywood isn't ready for an Indian leading man," Irrfan Khan declared one recent evening.

Still chomping after 417.6 million hits

2012-03-04 07:49:16

MAIDENHEAD, England - Visiting the local park not long ago, Shelley Davies-Carr and her four sons were suddenly surrounded by a gaggle of overexcited teenagers. "Oh, my God!" they shrieked, as only teenagers can. "'Charlie Bit My Finger!'"

Mead's renaissance: a brew so old it's new

2012-03-04 07:49:16

Mead, made from fermenting a solution of honey and water and once a staple of so many cultures, had faded into ignominy.

A colossus in clay sends a message

2012-03-04 07:47:12

Any visitor to the New Museum in New York in early February might have thought that the fourth floor was being gutted.

Grocer's daughter became a divisive leader

2012-03-04 07:47:12

GRANTHAM, England - Here in Margaret Thatcher's hometown, a stolid, hard-working sort of place 190 kilometers north of London, there is not a lot of fuss, nor much in the way of sentiment, to be found about the woman who went on to become Britain's longest-serving prime minister of the 20th century.

Status anxiety via status updates

2012-03-04 07:47:12

"I don't really like my friends," complains Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) in the 1989 film "Heathers," a cult classic about cliques, suicide and jocks in high school. Jason Dean (Christian Slater) responds: "I don't really like your friends either."