Keeper shines at lighthouse

2013-12-17 07:35:53

Living in a lighthouse by the sea sounds romantic to many, but for lighthouse keeper Wang Bingjiao, it's a home that gives him not only poetic inspiration, but many responsibilities.

Beijing's fight club

2013-12-15 08:13:15

The smell of sweat wafts through the air, past the print shop. Painful grunts and moans echo down the tight corridors of downtown Beijing's Shangdu Soho building.

White-collars, black eyes

2013-12-15 09:45:09

A charity boxing competition for office professionals hones their fighting spirit inside and outside the ring.

Note from New Zealand: Hobbit locations are real

2013-12-13 21:21:16

Movie locations used in the blockbuster trilogy The Hobbit, are real, not computer-generated. And to prove it, New Zealand recently unveiled a giant multimedia "book" at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California.

China Heavyweight hopes to be trailblazer

2013-12-12 15:50:18

Award-winning film China Heavyweight will be screened in China on Dec 20, with its producers hoping to gain applauses from more than audiences.

Investor says brain science is becoming the next big wave

2013-12-11 07:07:44

The growth the Internet industry brought to China is remarkable-search engine, electronic commerce and mobile Internet have become everyday necessities.

Under the microscope

2013-12-11 07:07:44

Advances in technology have allowed scientists to observe a hydrogen bond, a great leap forward in the study of life science. Cheng Yingqi reports.

Visionary touch

2013-12-11 07:07:44

Bill Kong's success rate is rivaled only by his holistic approach toward film as a business, an art form and an expression of social consciousness.

Sharp eye for the human soul

2013-12-08 08:15:12

Steve McCurry's photographs have become modern icons. Eloquent, riveting and beautiful, their poetry penetrates to the very heart of the subject.

Artist yaks lyrically on wildlife paradise

2013-12-08 08:15:12

Unlike many other artists in the Tibet autonomous region who excel in painting flowers, birds, or landscapes, Meng Fanhua has dedicated his life to the subject of wild yaks.

Colors of India

2013-12-08 08:16:09

Like China, India is a huge and diverse country. Our photographer Du Lianyi, who was there recently, was not only drawn by the tourist sites but also the daily lives of local people.

A leg up for entrepreneurs

2013-12-07 11:00:00

A forum on entrepreneurship education held in Beijing recently discussed how to help the young, especially students from low-income families, to get access to skills needed for start-ups.