The sound of anime

2012-06-29 13:36:10

Shanghai Light Music Orchestra presents a fantasy anime concert, an electro-acoustic first for Shanghai.

Sounding out

2012-06-29 13:26:29

Taiwan resident Jam Hsiao will rock the stage at his Shenzhen concert on July 1.

Shrek in Shanghai

2012-06-29 13:23:07

The Broadway touring team of around 50 cast and production crewmembers aims to provide a Broadway experience in Shanghai.

Funny business

2012-06-29 13:21:55

Mahua Fun Age, one of the country's most popular comedy troupes, will perform their classic The Count of Wulong Mountain in Guangzhou until June 30.

Literary lecture

2012-06-29 13:18:41

Wang Wen-hsin, a renowned Taiwan writer who's described as "a literary ascetic", will discuss his controversial insights at his lecture in Guangzhou.

Musical musing

2012-06-29 13:16:38

The original Chinese musical A Chant for Two Springs will be staged in Guangdong province's capital Guangzhou in June.

Fantastic four

2012-06-29 13:15:01

Art Museum is hosting a group show of more than 20 works by four artists from China and the United States.

Here we go again!

2012-06-29 12:51:47

Mamma Mia! My, my, how can you resist it? After 13 years of playing to 42 million people around the world, the answer appears to be - we can't.

Cool runnings

2012-06-29 12:51:47

Snow sports have always been a major part of Miriam Hanna Deller's life.

Private programs

2012-06-29 11:12:19

More than 500 programs are on display, tracing the development of Beijing's art stage over the past six decades.

Crystal Clear

2012-06-29 11:04:34

Swarovski will launch an exhibition in Shanghai to showcase its most precious collections from its more than 100-year history.

A cut above

2012-06-29 11:01:46

The inaugural exhibition of Jingren's Paperlogue presents contemporary paper-cutting artist Zhao Xigang's solo show, Celebrating Life.