Admission notices written in calligraphy

2013-07-17 12:45:06

Unlike the printed university adimission notice issued by most of universities in China, Shaanxi Normal University organized more than 20 retired lecturers to write the notice by hand this year.

The wheel deal

2013-07-17 10:41:34

An amateur cyclist has fulfilled dreams of conquering the toughest tour in China powered by only one leg.

Adopted family's love fueled soldier's spirit

2013-07-16 07:14:52

Zanathan Amet, a Uygur woman living in Toksun county in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, feels proud being the mother of a serviceman in the People's Liberation Army, like many mothers in the country.

City guide (July 14-Aug 19)

2013-07-15 15:07:41

City guide for Chinese big cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao during July 14-Aug 19.

Education advocator receives Legion of Honor

2013-07-15 13:55:45

Elisabeth Kichkine, better known in China as Li Sha and wife of the late Communist Party leader Li Lisan, was credited the French title Legion of Honor for her spirit of freedom and universal love. She is 99.

Living below the line

2013-07-14 13:08:45

An expatriate in China looks at food from a different perspective, and takes part in a challenge that allows him only $1.50 a day for meals.

'Tiao Qian' ceremony in China's Qinghai

2013-07-15 10:13:48

Buddhists wearing masks attend a ceremony expressing stories of Gods and ghosts in Tibetan Buddhism at the Taer Monastery in Huangzhong county of Xining.

Hot tips to stay cool in steamy summer

2013-07-14 09:48:44

How do you cool down in this steamy summer? China Daily gives you some useful ideas.

Hot tips

2013-07-14 08:04:22

How do you cool down in this steamy summer? China Daily gives you some useful ideas.

Marijuana's pollution threat

2013-07-14 08:05:36

It took the death of a small, rare member of the weasel family to focus the attention of Northern California's marijuana growers on the impact that their huge and expanding activities were having on the environment.

When a bonus is time at home

2013-07-14 08:05:36

FALL RIVER, Wisconsin - Sara Uttech has not spent much of her career so far worrying about "leaning in." Instead, she has mostly been hanging on, trying to find ways to get her career to accommodate her family life.

No time for words

2013-07-14 08:05:36

The days of communicating via e-mails and text messages may soon become as quaint as a hand-written letter sent via snail mail or as arcane as an actual phone conversation. Forget about the long, drawn-out 140-character Twitter post.